Maintain Your Inner Peace: 5 Ways To Ensure A Productive Quarantine Period

Maintain Your Inner Peace: 5 Ways To Ensure A Productive Quarantine Period

“All I need is a room and unlimited internet access and I will be the happiest person on the face of this planet!” Haven’t we all said that at some point? A mini-vacation that everyone dreamt of. Guess what? It isn’t that easy to sit around doing nothing, is it?

And you are already bored for tomorrow. 

The surge of precaution in the face of this global pandemic has made everyone restless. It is highly important that in this hour of need, rather than panic purchasing and hoarding food items, we maintain our inner peace and thus embrace tranquility to help us get by! We, at India Circus by Krsnaa Mehta, are gonna guide you through five methods of keeping it together! So here are some of the ways to lock-in that peace of mind:

  • Create A Distraction-Free Working Space 

Since the global pandemic, working from home has become our order of the day. And for all the extroverts out there, I get you; working from home is a bit of a task. One tends to get lethargic and languid and the creative caps that you have been donning on, seem to have lost their charm. To jumpstart and reset your thinking process once again, create a distraction-free working space. Declutter your table and adapt the ‘Minimalist Mantra’. Opt for comfortable chairs and hang some indoor house plants. The greens will not only ease tension and lower stress but also create a relaxed and happy ambience, ultimately helping you to work better through improved concentration. Keep your desk as neat and organised as possible with the use of the right stationery, and keep all your essentials within reach! 

  • Workout From Home 

Working out at home is more difficult than actually going to the gym. It requires a great deal of motivation to actually get up from your comfortable bed and work out. But honestly, working out at home can be made interesting and fun exercise. So gear up on your athleisure, pull up your socks and increase the volume of your tape. Because nothing is better than fun aerobics, some intense yoga or a hardcore session of cardio, but our favourite is dancing, because the best kind of workout has you smiling, laughing and drenched!. Elevate your mood and improve your flexibility by opting for some dance workout videos. A great way to kickstart your day or unwind from a hectic one. So sweat, smile and repeat!

  • Meditate 

Keeping in mind the clamour and stress one experiences in our day to day lives, it is imperative that we maintain some inner peace which can be achieved through the sheer art of meditation. We have always underestimated the importance of meditation in our lives. Meditating not only improves concentration but also improves blood circulation. It allows one to calm oneself and allows one to better handle stress, which at this time is everyone’s priority. So end your workout session by meditating for 15 minutes and see its positive effects throughout the day. There are some lovely apps that can help make the process easier such as – Calm, Oak, Headspace, Aura and Smiling Mind.

  •  Find A New Hobby

Were you the Pablo Picasso in your school days but didn’t get the opportunity to evolve it further? Were you always inclined towards reading but somehow the only thing you read and studied was the periodic table? Grab the novel that you have been meaning to read, sway the paintbrush on your canvas, learn a new language amigo. Pick up a new instrument or unleash your inner Murakami. Cook a meal. You have lots to do and lots to learn. Sharpen your skills. 

  •  Limit Your Screen Time

This work from home is even more tiring than your office hours. Just admit it. You are constantly on your laptop, replying to emails, attending zoom calls and making monthly reports. You are sitting constantly in a fixed position, glued to the screen, thereby harming your eyes. Take a deep breath. Limit your screen time. Take a nap. Give your eyes the much-needed break. Apply some ice on your eyes, and the cooling effect shall restore the tiredness. Indulge in some healthy conversations with your family members. 


Now that you are aware of how to be productive in this quarantine period, let’s set the ball rolling. Apart from Netflix and chill, practice these to ensure inner peace and a start to a super fruitful day.

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