Make a statement out of your glossies

Make a statement out of your glossies

Don’t your favourite glossies have a special place in your heart, for all the dose of fashion and gossips they give you!? Then why shouldn’t these lovely magazines have a special space of their own in your home? They must, isn’t it! Yes, that exactly is the reason why you need to bring home a chic magazine rack. Don’t scatter those magazine around, don’t clutter them either, simply put them all in a colourful rack.

Make a statement out of your glossies by neatly arranging them in a magazine rack. While buying one, there are few important points that you must consider:

  1. Compact: In today’s little homes, where space is at a premium, it always makes sense to have furniture that is not too big or bulky. And same goes with the accessories and décor products in your home. Thus, it’s always a good idea to opt for a magazine rack that is compact and doesn’t take too much space.
  2. Spacious-enough: A magazine rack needs to stack-in all the glossies together. So, even while we say that it needs to be compact, it must be spacious too. It makes no sense for the magazines to spill out of the rack, as that just looks very, very messy.
  3. Coordinate it well: Choose a piece that complements the other décor and furniture items of your home. For instance, if your home has a contemporary Indian theme, going in for a rack that looks too Western or English is a big No-No.

India Circus has a fantastic range of magazine racks that will add to the colour and class of your room. They are compact, spacious, and are available in a variety of beautiful colours and stunning designs. Check them out here —

So, for all your Vogues, Elles, and Filmfares, here’s a special place, just for you!

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