Make your abode monsoon ready: A splash of colour and heritage

Make your abode monsoon ready: A splash of colour and heritage

The moody monsoons finally seem to be gracing us with cloudy skies and sparse showers on some days. These cloudy skies are synonymous with lazy evenings spent in bed with our cups of steaming hot chai and some soothing music playing in the background. To most of us this sounds like an ideal day, doesn’t it?

While monsoon may be the perfect period to just take a step back and appreciate the raindrops falling graciously along with our favourite scent of petrichor, it also calls for making all the nooks and crannies in our homes ready for the rains. A seasonal upgrade whilst the musical pitter-patter goes on doesn’t only brighten up the dull atmosphere with vibrancy but also brings about an exuberance this season lacks.

But pinning down the right way to enhance your decor and bringing a bright shift can be a tricky concept during this season. That’s exactly why we at India Circus have specially curated a few tips to aid you with the experience of a lifetime.

  • Targeted Mood-Lighting

With grey skies and lesser sunlight, ensuring your home is always well-lit becomes an absolute must in the monsoons. However, too much lighting could cause your rooms to look overly lit. We love feeling cosy and comfortable in this season and targeted lighting is the answer to amplify this! 

One could opt for the Robin Bird Park Rectangle Lamp which won’t only enhance the ambience of your room but also add a hint of opulence and bring the tropics home to you. If you wish to light up just a small nook, the Fish Shaped Wooden Engraved Tealight Holder stands out with its intricate carvings and subtly lightens up the room, creating a soothing atmosphere.

  •  Brighten Up The Mats

As much as we love associating the rainy season with comfort and hot beverages, let’s also remember how just a small trip to the grocery store in this season could lead us in getting the muck and grime home! A doormat placed right at the entrance of your home ensures it remains spick and span without a trace of dirt.  

Switch your usual doormats to a new colourful pick this monsoon. The Step In Style Doormat instantly infuses an exciting charm with its unique design that features the traditional Kolhapuri chappals in shades of teal and neon pink. 

  • Create Your Own Corner

Monsoons always call for some much-needed time to be spent with yourself. What better way to do that than creating your cosy nook tucked away in a corner? Shift around the existing furniture in your room and place a sofa in your desired corner. Set up a small table right next to the sofa to place your evening mugs of steaming tea. A few vibrant pillows on your furniture will enliven the whole room and make you feel comfortable. 

The Legends Of The Cranes Nesting Table features cranes flying against a beautiful scarlet backdrop.  A luxuriously colourful pick for a pillow would be the Sea Green Floral Pillar Crest Canvas Cushion with its floral prints and peacock motifs with a patterned backdrop, perfect for a monsoon aesthetic.

  • Breezy Curtains

With lesser sunlight gracing us in this season, we need all the bright light we can get. Especially when the days tend to get dreary by the second. Opt for a breathier alternative to your usual heavy curtains by using curtains made from a lighter fabric. If the curtains you are currently using belong to the darker shade range, it’s time to lighten the colour a tad bit. Voila! You’re getting your daily dose of Vitamin D with ease and also keeping the moisture monsoons bring in at bay. 

The Island Palms Window Curtains from The House Of India Circus adds a breezy charm to your home with a light shade and a nautical design of tropical palms on an island. 

  • Wondrous Wallpapers Are The Answer

Our usually preppy homes tend to look and feel gloomy with the onset of monsoons. What could be the reason? The absence of sunlight and thundering skies lead to the existing decor look just a little drab. However, a bright and picturesque wallpaper is the answer to all your dim worries. Utterly vibrant shades of pinks and greens will re-energise your room just in time for this season.

The Bougainville Spectablis Green Wallpaper is the epitome of a burst of colour with its beautiful pink Bougainvillaeas. It has an artistic Mughal jaali design along with perfectly placed lanterns that amplify the serenity of the palace.   

  • Beautify Outdoor Spaces

If you happen to be one of the lucky few with a spacious balcony, the romantic rains would be a favourite season of yours. This time around, let’s take it up a notch, shall we? Outdoor spaces like your balcony or even a terrace are best enjoyed with the pitter-patter singing its songs. Add a few sturdy chairs in the balcony along with a portable side table to house your evening reads or some spicy pakoras served in funky trays! A few small plants will brighten your space up like nothing else, especially when the rain graces them.

So what is keeping you from giving your space the monsoon upgrade it yearns for? Work the magic and watch your home become lively and bright amongst the greys.

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