Monsoon Fashion Trails

Monsoon Fashion Trails

We love monsoons – the weather, pot of masala chai, romantic songs and great company. But moment you step out, it changes.

The quest is – are we rightly dating the monsoon fashion trends? This days we are constantly battling with the damp-y roads, water pits, frizzy hair, muddy legs, and other unwelcomed events. The onset of monsoon arrives with these challenges every year, and we struggle with them all throughout.
So, how do you manage staying clean, stylish and set, beating the dumps? Here are tips to rain-coat yourself.

1- Clothing:
This season is all about modern, versatile clothing. Foremost, it is desirable to wear calf-length dress/pants or shorter. Reasonably it is better to follow this, as full length dresses, pants, etc. are more likely to get soaked than others. Wearing a cute knee length cotton dress, calf-lengths, shorts, etc. are the best options this season. To get the spotlight this monsoon, shine with bright and dark colors. Poppy colors, directional placement of prints, motifs and floral, feminine blouses, printed calf-length trousers and jeans are great choice of clothes this monsoon.

Clothing Monsoon

2- Accessories:
Add an accent of eye-popping accessories to your wardrobe with gorgeous stoles, Umbrellas, hair bands, phone covers, earrings, etc. Scarves are always the perfect addition to any outfit, wear stoles having lively details and soft colors. Also, say hello in fantastic style with amazing phone covers, this will save your phone in rains and also add glamour. Add gleaming earrings with neat hair do’s to make a statement. Bright, bold or smokey earrings will surely add subtle charm to your look. Lastly, carry the prettiest piece of umbrella with you everywhere, as it is your closest friend in monsoons. So, add that tinge of style with funky accessories to look stunning, despite the odds.

Fashion Monsoon

3- Hairstyle:
Bad hair days are a common worry this season, and thus asks for a change in it. The best way is to keep your hair tight and nest. Ponytails, hairbands, pins are the best and new choices. You can still be stylish using the – fascinator-style hair band featuring clusters of flowers, crocheted detailing or metal, pearls and diamante gems, that will just look amazing. The best part of hair band is that it will keep your hair tied up, not being frizzy or wet. Also you can tie a ponytail with pretty rubber bands or pin it up with glazing pins.

Monsoon Fashion

4- Footwear:
Compliment your outfit with the right shoes. Add those finishing touches versatile rainy boots and shoes. The on slipper, shoe and boots are all over in the market. This is the perfect addition to your wardrobe, as you will always need them. Footwear padded with right soles for all day comfort is a must.

So enjoy the beauty of monsoons, be stylish and feel pretty!

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