Mughal era inspired merchandise from the house of India Circus

<strong>Mughal era inspired merchandise from the house of India Circus</strong>

The Mughal Era was one of the most prosperous reigns when art and paintings flourished significantly, formulating a fusion of myriad artistic styles. Characterized by courtly scenes and formal portraits, the rich heritage of Mughal art attracted artists from all over India and beyond.

Encompassing a diverse pool of inspiration, be it the iconic Indian mythology, Mughal aristocracy, epic Indian architectural relief, or the classic roadside chai, India Circus brings forth Mughal art-inspired home decor and lifestyle products. 

Today, the legacy of Mughal art lives on through India Circus products. Inspired by the infamous ancient history and culture, India Circus offers a comprehensive collection of products. Each product features the beauty and elegance of this timeless art form, from wall art to passport covers. We serve it as a testament to the Mughal’s love for spectacle and entertainment.

This article comprises the rich cultural heritage of the Mughal dynasty, exploring their unique art and paintings through the India Circus products. Hope you enjoy the journey!

Mughal Era: A Heritage of Sophisticated Art and Paintings

During the Mughal reign, the Mughal empire’s art and designs were valued immensely and considered a personal form of artistic expression. Having commissioned some of the most distinct paintings ever produced, the Mughals were prominent art patrons. The Mughal style of painting reflects the ultimate sophistication and cultural richness. 

Mughal empire paintings are often characterized by their intermingling of vibrant colors and intricate details, all while blending Indian and Persian styles. They signified several subjects, including animals, portraits, mythology, and landscapes. Inspired by the intricate artwork depicting peacocks, flowers, and elephants, India Circus offers the perfect Mughal Era Canvas Wall Art that (literally) rejuvenates the aesthetics of your home decor. Be it the calligraphy, floral patterns, or elephants, our wall art bestows the ultimate sophistication of the Mughal reign art.

If you want something inspired by the gates of the magnificence of Mughal patronage, India circus features the Mughal Doors Reiteration Passport Cover. The passport cover is colorfully embellished with four slot pockets and a UV digital pattern, housing a comprehensive Mughal art collection.

“India Circus” Pays Homage to the Rich Legacy of Mughal Art & Paintings.

The Mughal Empire in India was a period of immense cultural achievement and artistic development, particularly in famous Mughal paintings. India Circus offers a vast collection of products inspired by the Mughal style of painting, celebrating their wealth and power. 

Let’s take a tour through some of our most exquisite collections: 

1. The Mughal Era Canvas Wall Art

The Mughal Era Canvas Wall Art by India Circus

Inspired by famous monuments, The Mughal Era Canvas Wall Art screams intricacy! Our Mughal Era canvas wall art is a stylish and functional accessory for your living room. Featuring an intricate design inspired by the gorgeous doors of the Mughal era, this canvas wall art will be an eye-catching addition to your home! Made with high-quality Canvas Print material (with a wooden stretch mount), our canvas wall art isn’t just stunning but long-lasting. It features distinct floral patterns, monuments, and elephants which is an excellent choice for anyone looking to add culture and character to their home.

2. Mughal Doors Reiteration Passport Cover

Mughal Doors Reiteration Passport Cover

The Mughal Empire is renowned for its sophisticated paintings and architecture, including the beautifully-detailed doors illuminating their buildings and palaces. These doors, manufactured with wood and intricate carvings, reflected the Mughal Era’s cultural heritage. One way to pay loyalty to this rich history is with a Mughal Doors Reiteration Passport Cover. This cover features an elegant design encouraged by the ancestral Mughal doors, making it an excellent and eye-popping accessory for travelers. Printed on premium-quality Faux leather material, this passport cover will not fade under normal wear and tear. It comes with a UV digital pattern and four slot pockets.

3. Mughal Jhali Chai Glass

Mughal Jhali Chai Glass by India Circus

Mughal Jhali Chai Glass is a rare and fascinating chunk of Mughal art with paramount historical importance. Made with fine, translucent material with intricate jhali (net), the Mughals used it to serve chai (tea) to their guests. Our Mughal Jhali Chai Glass is a testament to the craftsmanship and creativity of the Mughal artisans. The intricate jhali work on our high-quality, durable glass is done with utmost precision, ensuring the reflection of the opulence and grandeur of the Mughal era. We highly honor the connoisseurs and professionals of art and history, so we present India Circus-style, handcrafted Mughal Jhali Chai Glass (set of 4). It is dishwasher and microwave free and adds the right amount of class and literature to your home!

4. The Peacock Throne Laptop Table

The Peacock Throne Laptop Table by India Circus

If you’re looking for a unique piece of art that tells a story and adds charisma to your home decor, The Peacock Throne Laptop Table from India Circus is an excellent choice. Designed with delicate stones resembling a peacock’s tail feathers, The Peacock Throne was a seat of strength for Mughals. It depicted the grandeur and prosperity of the Mughal Empire! Today, The Peacock Throne is an artistic inspiration for numerous art forms and designs. India Circus features a similar peacock feather design on a laptop table to continue the legacy. This laptop table pays tribute to The Peacock Throne’s historical richness and allows a practical workspace.

5. Signature Windows Sling Bag

Signature Windows Sling Bag by India Circus

The Signature Windows Sling Bag is a traditional accessory that has recently become popular. Featuring a sleek, modern design, perfect for formal and casual occasions, India Circus’ Signature Windows Sling Bag reflects changing tastes and styles. While it may not have significant historical importance, it offers fashionistas a practical and versatile solution! Our sling bag is made from blended canvas with polyester interlining and has many impressive styles and colors. It comprises one main compartment with two inner and one outer pocket with vibrant shades of red, green, gold, and blue dominating the canvas. Get your hands on the India Circus Signature Window Sling Bag today and never miss out on making a fashion statement.

6. Regal Fluorescence Vertical Canvas Wall Art

Regal Fluorescence Vertical Canvas Wall Art

With aesthetic and artistic importance, India Circus Regal Fluorescence Vertical Canvas Wall Art is phenomenal. The wall art captures the essence of a bygone era, naturally reflecting the artistic morals and visuals of the timeless era. It is made with a premium-quality canvas print material that features Mughal motifs and Shah Jahan’s portrait. Allowing people to delve deeper into the ancient history behind it, this artwork serves as an excellent conversation starter!

Summing Up

Mughal art has added value to cultural diversity, human creativity, artistic excellence, historical continuity, and global relevance. Enabling a window into the wealthy cultural heritage of India during the Mughal reign, India Circus pays homage by creating the best Mughal-era art and paintings-inspired home decor products!

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