Organizing a Fine Dining

Organizing a Fine Dining

Organizing a dinner party can be an entertaining experience. However, when you try to make it a fine dining experience, then it becomes a whole new affair. So, how do you host a fine dining party at home? Here are some pointers to get you started into making your dinner party a perfect experience.

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1. Preparation

The saying goes that the “Devil lies in the details” and that is a phrase which is a must to remember while preparing for a dinner party. Always prepare in advance and pay attention to every little detail. Start with the basics such as invitations. Invitations are a must. Sending a simple card or a note is good enough. This will also give the guests the impression that the party is a slightly more formal experience.

Make sure that the house is absolutely clean before the guests arrive. All clutter should be cleared up and the house should look neat and tidy. Nothing bothers anyone more than a messy house

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2. Ambience

Setting the right ambience and mood is always needed. Set a music playlist for the evening. If this is a dinner party where you would like people to converse then make sure that the music is not too loud or the kind that will overshadow conversation.
Also make sure the right kind of lighting is used. One easy way to make sure that there is mood lighting is to use candles and low light. This creates a more intimate and warm atmosphere.Explore our candle collection here

3. Drinks and appetizers

A good way to start of the party is to allow guests to mingle at first. Make sure your bar is well stocked and appoint a good friend or family member to play bartender for the evening. Start people of with a nice round of cocktails along with some easy appetizers and the party will soon get its own flow.

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4. Dinner & Table setting

The most important moment in the party is of course the dinner. A good meal usually comprises of a light starter, a main meal and then desert followed by cheese and fruit. A good dinner is also generally accompanied by wine, red or white so make sure that you have enough wine in stock.

A well set table is vital to make your dinner a success. To ensure that there is no confusion during the seating, use place cards which will make seating guests a lot easier.

The décor of the dining table is also something that must be a priority. Use matching table mats, napkins and table runners. Make sure to use fine silverware placed in the right manner for e.g. the fork should always be on the left and the knife on the right. Also have the right kind of glasses for the wine and water. Use proper chinaware which matches with the tableware and you will have the perfect setting.

To further enhance the elegance and sophisticated feel, have a beautiful centerpiece on the table as well as candle stands.Things like vase and bowls are regularly used as centerpieces, but the accents are what make a centerpiece and tablescape truly exciting. Simple things such as a nice flower arrangement or even pine cones can make the dinner table look absolutely dazzling.

This will not only create a mood but will definitely make the dinner more special.

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5. Aperitifs

A good way to end the dinner is to move guests into the living room and serve them a cheese and fruit platter. Along with which you can serve some aperitifs such as cognac etc. or coffee depending on people’s preferences. This will be a good way to wind down the dinner and end it on a casual and relaxed note.

Just remember that having a perfect dinner party also means having a good time yourself. The mood of the host can change the way a party feels. So make sure to have fun and everyone will too.

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