Federico Fellini, the well-known Italian film director and scriptwriter, once said, “Life is a combination of magic and pasta.” In such simple and beautiful words, Fellini sums up the joys of life! But, very literally speaking, if that pasta or (more locally speaking!) paratha isn’t served on a fine platter, or enjoyed in a pretty plate, it would definitely take away from the presence of the dish.

Today, from fashion to food, it’s all about presentation. And, that is exactly why India Circus now brings to you its new range of elegantly crafted premium crockery that is sure to be any table’s pride. Made from exquisite materials, such as Bone China and Porcelain, each piece of crockery from our latest collection is style personified.

India Circus’ premium crockery has a variety of cups and saucers, some with a theme that will take you back to the English era and some that will make you fall in love with the simplicity of nature. The coffee mugs in the range, with its bold hues and unique themes, are breathtakingly striking. The serving platters, dinner plates, side plates, and bowls and katoris have a variety of designs. The beauty of art and intricacy in the designs is what makes each piece of crockery so special. Food that is presented in this exclusive crockery will instantly look a lot more appetising and delectable.

Owning exquisite crockery is literally like an heirloom…it must be treasured and needs all the TLC to keep it going for years and years. We give you some easy tips that will help you to keep your crockery bright and new.





  • Don’t use the crockery for cooking purposes. It’s meant only and only for serving and presentation.
  • Wash used crockery at the earliest. It is better to hand-wash the crockery than to wash it in a dishwasher.
  • Scrub the crockery gently and do not use harsh detergents or scrubbing pads to clean it. A sponge and mild detergent are recommended.
  • After washing it, dab dry it with a soft cotton cloth, or let it dry naturally.
  • Washing crockery with metal cutlery or utensils is a big NO. Metal cutlery or utensils can cause scratches to the crockery.
  • With regards to storage, avoid stacking too many pieces together.
  • Try and use such exclusive crockery only for special occasions and for memorable gatherings, and not on a regular basis.
  • Most crockery pieces come with a care routine manual. Read it thoroughly before using the crockery.

Grace your dining table with India Circus’ classy premium crockery, and redefine your dining experience. Serve regally, and dine like royalty!

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