Quirky Ways To Spruce Up Your Living Area On A Budget!

Quirky Ways To Spruce Up Your Living Area On A Budget!

Breathing in new life to a living space can be quite intimidating and confusing at first, even more when you are on a budget. A living area is where we choose to unwind, release stress, a place to hang out with friends and family or a chance to impress colleagues and guests. They are an extension to your personality and a canvas to express your creativity. With the pandemic forcing us to work from home and confining us indoors, let’s unleash a living area that breathes life, vibrancy and colors into your life.

So, to tackle the elephant in the room; How do you do a makeover of your living space on a budget? Don’t worry, we at India Circus by Krsnaa Mehta have got you covered!

1. The cushion connection

Cushions are a great way to spice up that boring couch of yours. Create depth of field by a theatre of hues, adding color and striking designs that showcase your creativity and instill personality to the space. Don’t forget to pick a color scheme as a guideline to make your furniture visually appealing. Choosing the right colors and palettes will go a long way to produce pleasing aesthetics and will ensure that nothing seems out of place.

2. Putting the extraordinary in ordinary flooring

Rugs, carpets, doormats or any other type of floor covers are like shoes to a well-dressed outfit. They make a great impression and help in highlighting specific areas in your living space. Reinforce a design scheme or create a visual masterpiece and evoke emotions in an otherwise bland room. Floor covers can serve as your pièce de résistance in tying up your space all together as they help in adding character, textures and color to create often chic, elegant and unique aesthetics while making your furniture prominent and bold.

3. Amplifying ambience with art

Having wall art, figurines and accents in your living space will ensure a “jaw – dropping expression” each time someone enters. It serves as an immediate color palette and has a prominent role in setting the ambience and tone of any space. However, arguably one of the most important roles home accents play is to create a focal point. Every space needs a focal point, something to draw immediate attention to as well as to create intrigue. It can also make the room appear “finished.” Just adding a piece of wall art can change the look and feel of your space entirely. Figurines and accents also help in drawing attention via visually stimulating cues as well as compliment the furniture or live up the floor it is placed on top of.

4. Light it up

Lighting is imperative to create drama as it establishes depth and highlights textures with shadows. It operates in conjunction with other interior design areas such as color selections, room size and layout, fabric choices, and choice of furniture. It is only when these elements come together that the harmony and effortless fluidity of design benefits a space. Choosing the right design, texture and color for your lamp or any other light source is key to compliment the overall theme of your living space.

5. Curtain call

Curtains have both functional and decorative advantages in your home. It helps bring a certain charm and romance in a room as it balances the decor and enhances elegance in a space while often making a bold statement by adding contrast and visual impressions. Sticking to a color scheme and experimenting with designs can help in creating a personalized aesthetic that adds character to your room.

Do not let a budget stop you from creating a place you can truly call home. Small pocket – friendly additions can go a long way in sprucing up your living space and adding character and charisma to a blank canvas.

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