Quirky ways to upgrade dead spaces in your home into seating spots

Quirky ways to upgrade dead spaces in your home into seating spots

 Ditch those dead spaces and convert them into positive corners by bringing in colourful and imaginative seating

Dead spaces are like undiscovered treasure. You are surrounded by them, you live around them in a home and yet don’t know what to do with them most times. Dead spaces include those along the hallways, corners of rooms, window ledges, balconies and more. Often we gloss over them or ignore them, without the faintest idea of what can be done. While it can be tempting to leave it blank, you would be surprised at how easy it can be to decorate in an effective and elegant way. Here’s how to transform neglected nooks into useful and inviting spots that make life at home better.

Include addition seating
One of the go-to ways for filling an empty corner is to add seating. When mapping out what furniture you’re going to place where, it’s worth looking at whether there’s an alternative, feasible layout that means you can add a seat in. Think as big and small as you desire and your room allows. A bean bag adds romance to a lonely corne. You can make the space cosy and inviting with this Pine Twist Bean Bag, Shades of crimson, turquoise and dark maroon intertwine making space for pines against a motif-filled background in this cotton printed bean bag. For those with a creative streak,  here is the place to relax and read away from the busyness of the living room. 

Use Twin Bed Side Tables
The perfect bedroom corner furniture solution for smaller spaces is to Match bedside tables that slot either side of the bed are an expected sight in a bedroom, making them a natural filler. In a room short on square meterage though, you expect to see less furniture. Therefore, choosing a bed and bedside cabinet combination that all work together – even if it means the outer edges of the tables are tucked in so tight that they make contact with the wall – can have the effect of making the room seem larger. This side table  can be used for holding books, lamps, coffee mugs & more. The design on this table features a modern interpretation of our childhood checkers. Splashed in pink & beige, it features gorgeous palm trees, elephants, chevron pattern and many more intricate designs

Add Those Lamps
Lamps and sitting rooms go hand in hand. Conversations in bedroom lighting fixate on bedside lamps, overhead pendants or perhaps wall sconces. But a  lamp will take pride of place in an empty bedroom corner, bringing a warm glow to what could be an otherwise dark and sombre spot.If their stem is decorative, try not to let any furniture block it so that the lighting fixture can be as much of a feature as the rays it emits. But if your chosen floor lamp is relatively simple in design, think about layering it with another of your bedroom corner tactics so they work in harmony. A floor lamp positioned behind a dressing table or chair means you’ll benefit from the light thrown downwards. Introduce the Fluttering Extravagance Conical Lamp Shade and let the room flutter in extravaganza. The design features scattered floral prints and butterfly motifs to give it a very nature-centric appeal. Rich in colour, and composition, this range of lamp shades can easily add charm to any room.

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