Rent, Relax, Reinvent - Design tips for your Rented House.

Rent, Relax, Reinvent - Design tips for your Rented House.

Renting a property in a metropolitan is not at all easy. The hassle of cost, availability, distance from your office, distance from places which you enjoy and finding every other amenity is a nuisance and when you find that one gem in hundred searched oysters, you finally relax. Your house is at a great location, easy access to everything you need but then you eventually realize that this place doesn’t feel like your own, something is missing and that something is ..drum rolls!…  a hint of you, your essence in this house. 

You have gone through a lot of trouble to find this nearly perfect house, but if it doesn’t feel like it’s yours, that’s a problem. Not to worry, we have got your back! Decors that are hassle free, easy to move, oozes luxury and talks about what kind of person you are. 

Let’s start with designs, decors and ideas on how to include them in your house, to make it a home that’s a perfect reflection of you and your persona.


Curtains are the easiest way to transform your house, with colors that reflect you and bring out the ethos of your home. If your house is painted with light colors, you can opt for curtains which are pastel colored and other light colored curtains will suit your house perfectly. For walls which are bright colored, a lighter tone of the curtain will be subtle and apt. And if you are someone who likes being different and the walls are painted in dark and natural colors, you can choose curtains which are contrasting with the wall. Check out the range of Curtains provided by India Circus.


For rented houses, painting a wall can be a tremendous task, involving quite a lot of investment and the quick fix to save your money – Wallpapers would be a great way to start. You can choose one wall and turn it into an accent wall or cover up all your house with a vividly colored wallpaper. Wallpapers can be easily installed and taken off too. India Circus wallpapers are delineated with keeping nature in mind, with a color palette ranging from bold to artful. Designs that are highly engrossing and nothing but gorgeous. Check out the range of Wallpapers of India Circus to completely revamp your home.

Small furniture/decor items 

Usually, for rented houses the lease expires in a year or two, so one has to be very careful with what he/she wants to introduce to his/her house as moving from one place to another can be really irritating. The easiest way to design your space is by adding small furniture and tiny figurines, which not only magnifies the beauty of your home but are also easy to move. Furniture like a small side table next to your bed, or a small table with a tiny bowl next to the entrances for guests to keep their belongings are one of the easiest ways to grab attention to your sophisticated styles. Check out the range of furniture on India Circus to add to your interiors.


Lamps are a necessity when it comes to designing a classy interior. Lamps can be of any kind, ranging from table lamps, floor lamps or ceiling lamps etc. The ease of use and the way it can be moved easily makes it a great choice for rented homes. The accessibility along with the tinge of luxury that is bought by lamps are of paramount importance while designing your house. 

Wall art, wall plates and mirrors

An artistic way of designing your house is with installing art. Printed canvases and wall plates, paused with well suited lights bring you a positive aura. This decor is easy to move but they are also inexpensive compared to the real art installations which might get tampered with during moving from one place to another. 


Sometimes a bed cannot bring the comfort which the floor does, so we just lay down on the floor and feel the cold and dampness of it, as it hugs us, accepts us for who we are and  hence accessorizing the floor becomes an important part of designing your house. Rugs are ever lasting and create a sense of comfort and cleanliness, just look how your living space changes right after adding a rug to it. 

These are the easiest way to decorate your home and give it your stylishness. Let us know when you try these tips or if you have any new ideas, in the comments.

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