A Sneak Peak of Design Director Krsna Mehta’s Home

A Sneak Peak of Design Director Krsna Mehta’s Home

One of the main sources of inspiration for Design Director Krsna Mehta is actually his home. This beautiful flat tucked away in the leafy lanes of Breach Candy is a place which truly transports you out of this city. Setting foot into the flat and one can understand how the designs at IndiaCircus come alive.

Krsnas Home

Krsna believes in paying attention to detail and one can see how this philosophy translates into the design of his home. The theme of his home is a contemporary and chic take on Indian culture and his house is exquisitely done to portray that.

One of the most striking things about this home is the use of space and colour. Each wall is painted with one of Krsna’s favourite colours such as fuchsia blue, hot pinks and so on. This gives the house an interesting and vibrant look and also the feeling of space. The walls of the house are dotted with art which is done mainly by Krsna himself. With canvases of different sizes all over the house one can feel the creativity and passion that Krsna has for designing.

Krsnas Living Room

Another interesting aspect of Krsna’s home is that each piece of furniture and accessory is handpicked and curated by Krsna himself. Krsna being an avid traveller, likes to pick up pieces from various parts of the world. From a stool especially from Morocco, artifacts from Srilanka and statues from Bali, you can see the inspiration that Krsna gets from travelling all over the world.

The seating arrangement is also extremely quaint and quirky. With a combination of comfortable floor cushions and different kind of chairs beautifully upholstered with floral patterned fabric the house has a charming feel. Also cushion covers designed by Krsna are used to further enhancing the look of the house with touches of colour and design. Being someone who gets inspired at any time of the day, Krsna also has made sure to have a quaint study area where he gets some of his best ideas.

Vibrant Living Room

Krsna has also made sure that the lighting in the house brings out the magic of the decor. During the day the house is flooded with sunlight and the colours make the house look bright, eclectic and cheerful. In the evening the focus is on a mood lighting with different lamps and candles which give the house an extremely cozy feel.
This house is definitely a place which has led to the design ideas at IndiaCircus. It’s fascinating to see that for Krsna, design is not just for the products he’s making but is also a way of life. It is this philosophy which gives Krsna the unique outlook and perspective that he has. And as a result IndiaCircus continues to provide eclectic and vibrant designs which celebrate Indian culture but with a twist.

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