Home décor is about bringing different elements together to form a cohesive and elegant look.

Having the right combinations of colour, accessories and so on can create a balance which will make your home look refined and sophisticated.
At IndiaCircus we decided to put this to the test and brought some of our favourite products together and created a series of looks which cater to various tastes and personalities. Each look is curated specifically to bring out the elegance and depth of design in a simplistic yet tasteful manner.

1.Fauna Fantasia Combination

This combination was designed for those who love the sheer beauty of the natural world. Inspired by wildlife it has rich shades of colour such as blues and reds. It also features peacocks and other animal motifs which come together to make some exquisite designs. The colour patterns of this collection have soothing tones which give the room a calm and sophisticated feel. This combination does bring out the best of nature and all her artistry. One can also play around with the room colours such as maybe having a wall in light beige or a sofa in teal blue.

Fauna Fantastic

2.Air Palace Combination
For a combination which has a magical vibe, this is the perfect choice. With beautiful paintings that depict palaces in paradise and cushions that have surreal imagery and vivid colours, this combination has a touch of the whimsical. This combination will also work extremely well against a deep brown sofa or a light olive beige wall.

 Air Palace

3.Lakes of Utopia Combination
A truly exquisite collection, this combination features some beautiful elements such enchanting lakes and soaring cranes. Celebrating the beauty of nature in the most charming manner, this combination is extremely unique. The colours and tones of this combination are rich and vivid and give this combination a spellbinding touch. A khaki or a bronze linen sofa would further make this combination stand out. And if you are brave enough, then a wall with a deep Malibu blue tone would only enhance the beauty of this collection.

 Lakes of Uthopia

4.Tiger Magnificent Combination
For those who understand the sheer power and magnificence of the tiger, this combination is ideal. This collection celebrates the absolute dynamism and royalty of the most beautiful creature the world has ever seen. With vibrant colours and rich hues, this combination also celebrates Persian culture with designs of minarets and lamps. This collection will also work well with indigo blue and white backdrops.

Tiger Magnificent

5.Lotus Tranquil Combination
This combination has a serene and tranquil appeal to it. It takes inspiration from the story of the Buddha, Padma, the sacred lotus and harmony of nature and the universe. Soothing colours and patterns make up this collection which celebrates beauty which is calming and delicate. A bright tangy red wall and mahogany brown hues of upholstery can work wonders for the look.

Lotus Tranquil

6.Flight of Imagination Combination
For people who love to let their imaginations run wild and not have any limits this combination is the best choice. With out of the ordinary and visually stunning designs and motifs this collection is exquisite with an edge. Taking inspiration from tribal art, this combination is a bold and imaginative choice. A textured fuchsia upholstery along with pink champagne tones for the wall will only bring out the best of this combination.

Flight of Imagination

7.India Royale Combination
If you are a fan of Indian heritage and culture then this combination is completely ideal. This combination brings out the charisma of Indian culture with a fresh and vibrant perspective. Inspired by the beauty of Mughal architecture and Islamic Jaal this collection has depictions of the grandeur of ancient monuments and colours that have a soothing yet rich touch, this combination is definitely a must have. To further enhance the look of the collection use an old fashioned rustic sofa with wood and the same tones for the wall.

Indian Royale

8.Realm of Dreams Combination
A journey of fantasy, colour and new worlds is where this combination takes you. Taking inspiration from palace flowers, vivid lakes and patterned palms, this combination is enigmatic, vibrant and eclectic, and is for those who don’t believe in the ordinary. Use an oyster grey texture for the wall and charcoal grey for the sofa to bring out the best look for this combination.

Realm of dreams

An important point to remember when doing up your space is the lighting. The right lighting can bring out the best of any of these combinations and make your room look exquisite. Also personal taste matters so go with what you like and what suits your home. All in all, combining things is a great way to let loose and have some fun. So go ahead. Have a blast.

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