Staying In Is The New Going Out : 8 Decor Must-Haves To Cosy Up Your Home

Staying In Is The New Going Out : 8 Decor Must-Haves To Cosy Up Your Home

We all have spent our youth out and about the house doing what every youngster does. But after a certain point of time we just don’t want to be out of the house anymore. And why should we, when we can easily conjure up our very own dream home? After all, a home should be your personal haven, where you can kick back and relax all the while enjoying the luxuries the outside world has to offer. There’s no better feeling than coming home post a hectic day and unwinding in the comforts of a cosy safe space. We at India Circus by Krsnaa Mehta have created a list of decor essentials for your home to cosy it up and make it the warmest, inviting, and comfortable space that you’d never want to leave. Let’s take a look:

1. Knit It Up: 

There’s no comfier feeling than that of cuddling up to a warm knitted cloth. Knits have the power to make you feel readier than ever to cosy up at home, and there are so many ways to incorporate them in your space! Pair up a warm knitted blanket with some textured pillows, and bring it all together with a fuzzy rug. It’s the perfect combination of comfort, colour, and texture. Whether you’re looking for something bold and bright, or sophisticated and calm, there’s so many patterns and varieties to choose from, you’d be spoilt for choice. 

2. Warm Hues: 

What’s more cosy and inviting than warm hues and neutral interiors? Warm hues like brown, beige, and gold are the perfect blend to create a space that’s comfortable and relaxing, due to their resemblance to nature. When it comes to interiors, you can add wood accents, such as coffee tables or a collection of books, which can give a room a sense of quiet, all the while, adding personality and mystery. Books have an enigma of their own and bring an element of familiarity, which is the perfect blend of luxury and comfort that we all essentially desire. 

3. A Dash of Leather: 

One leather item is all it takes to warm up your space. Simply add a sophisticated armchair or a leather couch, and it brings a sense of neutrality which is comforting and relaxing. Kick back with friends and family in your comfort of leather, adding exuberance and style. You can pair up your couch with this exotic India Circus cushion cover:

4. Greenery:

Bring in the beauty of the outdoors by adding a touch of green, such as flower vases or potted plants can give a more open and natural feel to your room and can also add some colour pop and brightness. It also prevents the room from becoming too stuffy. Not only does this give a touch of nature, but the plants also play a part in purifying the air in your home! You can also incorporate some greenery with an India Circus wallpaper:

5. Rustic Rendezvous:

Nothing sounds more comforting than some comfortable seating, a roaring fire, and a warm rug with neutral shades to surround, such as warm neutral walls and hardwood flooring. A fireplace, albeit, expensive and high maintenance, adds a sense of chic cosiness like no other. We would love to spend our afternoons cosied up on a plush couch with a warm blanket in a living room like that! 

6. Monotone:

Surround your walls with the one perfect dark shade, it gives a sense of warmth like a big warm hug. A monotone colour scheme can help create an atmosphere of peace and serenity. Mix it up with modern interiors and colourful accents, to give the room a zest like no other. Go for a colourful accent like this stylish unique figurine from India Circus: 


7. Add Some Colour Pop:

You’d think how can pops of colour be inviting and cosy? But trust us, some colour is just what you need to add to your space to give it that wow factor! Colours call for a more cheerful atmosphere, and a bit of cheer is just what you need to balance out the subtle interiors of your cosy environment. You can do this by adding accents of colours such as bright vases or lamps, or even a single colourful rug can add that bit of interesting texture your room is missing. 

8. Ambient Lighting:

Last but not the least, is a bit of mood lighting. Lighting plays a huge role in the look of your room, and it can completely change the vibe of the space. For your living room, a single chandelier is all it could take to add some cosiness as well as an element of luxury, all the while ensuring maximum comfort. You can also do some layered lighting by placing ceiling lamps at different levels. Nothing screams warmth than a bulb with the perfect soft glow. You can also go for table lamps or a modern floor lamp! It’s hard to believe, but one statement piece, such as this lamp from India Circus can change the whole mood of your home: 

We hope these you deemed these ideas helpful, and now you too can turn your house into a home! For more ideas to rejuvenate your home and make it more stylish, you can click here. 

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