The beauty of a stole or a scarf isn’t simply in its design, but also in the way it is draped. In fact, a well-draped stole can instantly lift the look and feel of an otherwise boring top or T-Shirt.

Here are some super cool and classy ways of having fun with your stole or scarf:

The Infinity Loop
This style gives the illusion of you having an endless, infinite piece of cloth tied around your neck. A pretty neckwear, indeed!

01. Tie the ends of the stole together, creating a large loop.
02. Hang the large loop over your neck, placing the knot at the back.
03. Twist the scarf and layer it two or three times over your head, covering and concealing the knot.

Quick tip: While most stoles are teamed-up with tops or T-shirts, this style looks sophisticated even when carried with a semi-formal dress.


The Waterfall Drape
This popular style can add immense grace and body to an otherwise casual look.

01. Loop a long scarf twice around your neck. Keep in mind to keep the loops small, unlike the drape. Also, ensure that one end of the scarf is considerably longer than the other one.
02. Take one of the loose ends and tuck it into the loop at the nape of your neck.
03. Adjust the scarf to make it look like a flowing waterfall. Make sure that the other end of the scarf is short enough to stay hidden behind the waterfall.

Quick tip: If you’re not too comfortable with the plunging neckline of your top, this style can be a complete savior! And, yes, the Waterfall drape looks awesome with boots!


The European Loop
This classic style looks fab and is so easy to style!

01. Fold the scarf lengthwise in half. You will now have two loose ends in one hand and a loop in the other.
02. Drape the scarf around your neck, with the non-folded end considerably longer than the folded end.
03. Put the loose ends through the loop to form a knot. Adjust it to let it fall comfortably around the neck.

Quick tip: The European Loop is quite a unisex style. Men, too, can carry it as charmingly and stylishly! Throwing on a jacket can take the style quotient a notch higher.


Et al.
Drape the scarf over your neck, or just throw it on either shoulders, and then tuck it under a belt.

Have fun with your stole or scarf by tying it in interesting ways around your waist, and making it look like a chic belt. You can also style it in different ways around your head or hair, and make a cool headgear out of it!

There’s so much that you can do with that beautiful, colourful piece of cloth! Be your own style guru!

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