Summertime Table Settings

Summertime Table Settings

Summer is here, and so are the flowers, in full bloom, and ready to regale you with their colours and heady aromas.

Though the increase in temperatures is inevitable, this is also the perfect time for those leisurely Brunches, with ample opportunities to bring your favourite table settings outside. However, it doesn’t matter whether you like to entertain indoors, or outdoors, these simple tips for planning the perfect table setting should be enough to get you started.

Beautiful Table Platter by India Circus

Mix the colours: Remember, the most beautiful table settings provide an effortless mix of easy elegance with casual chic. Perfectly colour coordinated table settings are Grandmother stuff. Mix, don’t match your table elements. Your tablecloth and napkins might be a similar shade, but not the same pattern as your crockery. You can also use them to add a pop of bright colour to your table. Add the perfect touch of India Circus magic to your dining table, Check out our designer dining table products!

Stars of the Nawab Design by India Circus

It’s all about the visual drama: Create a setting your guests will talk about for days! Using the appropriate tablecloth and runners brings all the table setting elements together, and sets the stage for some culinary drama. Use charger plates or large plates as base for salad, dinner or dessert plates. Don’t overwhelm your guests with an army of cutlery and glasses, but ensure that everything is within their arm’s reach. You don’t want all those animated discussions to be hindered by spilled glasses, or dropped cutlery!

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Neo Nawab Breakfast platter by India Circus

Break the centerpiece rule:Have flowers and fruit based accents laid across the table. Keep the flowers colorful, but not too fragrant. You don’t want their aroma overpowering your food. Likewise, the candles too should not have too strong an aroma. Try using unusual but pretty arrangements for napkins. We have twisted ours into a pretty rosette, resting daintily inside a bowl.

Stars of the Nawab Bowl by India Circus

With these simple tips you are sure to create a lasting impression, while ensuring that your guests enjoy every moment. For more planning, decorating and organizing tips, keep watching this space. Better still, drop us a line, and tell us what you’d like help with. At India Circus, we are dedicated to bring beauty, art and style into your life. You ask for it, and we will make it happen.

Guest Blogger: Pratishtha Shrotriya Khan

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