Waking up to the melodious chirpings of birds…and watching them sway gracefully on the twigs. These are some of the most priceless pleasures that nature brings with it! From a toddler to an 80-year-old, birds always manage to charm and befriend everyone present in their company.

Credit that to the words in their unspoken language, or just their innocent and friendly allure. You just can’t have enough and more of these chirping wonders. So, why not have them in every little area of your home and personal style too! Flaunt your love for birds by hanging an exquisite wall art. Of course, while doing so, remember to choose a piece that fits with the other design scheme of your home. Upholstery fabrics with sweet and simple bird motifs look extremely elegant. You can use these fabrics for a number of elements in your room, from curtains and sofas, to place mats!   Your dining table is another creative spot in the home where you can continue displaying your love for birds! A pretty coffee mug, a vibrant serving tray…there’s simply so much! Throwing in a bright-coloured cushion with a stunning bird motif in an unexpected spot of your room is a great way to add some fun and drama to the space. And without them flapping straight into your face, you can still carry these pretty birds in the form of trendy bags! The Bird Project by India Circus has an interesting assortment of a number of India Circus products, which are all about the colourful and enchanting world of birds. The collection includes a variety of items, such as side tables, upholstery fabrics, wall art pieces, posters, candles and candle holders, incense sticks with holders, trays, coffee mugs, cushion covers, tissue box holders, magazine racks, photo frames, wall clocks, coasters, keychains and coasters, doormats, mouse pads, notebooks, sippers, hand bags and shoulder purses, and stoles. These products see a range of prints, from the peacock striking a graceful pose with the Maharani, to the love birds sharing their little moments of romance and affection. A number of apparels in the newly-launched Bohemyan Blue collection also have delicate little prints of birds on them. The Bird Project captures the sweet tweets and heartbeats of the birds. Interpret them! Welcome the monsoons with soothing nature inspired designs…


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