Tackling Your Work From Home Blues Just Got Easier

Tackling Your Work From Home Blues Just Got Easier

In the midst of a global pandemic, we’ve had to face an upturn in our day to day lifestyles, which has been a struggle to adjust to, especially by the youth of our generation. With the outbreak of the novel Coronavirus, or COVID-19, a virus that has spread across the world in no time, affecting the lives of so many, it’s been one of the most difficult times we’ve had to face, and it only seems to be getting worse. 

Coronavirus originated in Wuhan, China, and has managed to spread all across the globe in a matter of just two months. Countries like Italy and Iran are in complete lockdown, which means the citizens are not even allowed to get out of their houses. The death toll has greatly risen, and it’s sad to see how this virus has so easily affected the lives of so many. Now that there are carriers of the virus in India too, we’ve been required to take precautionary measures so that our situation doesn’t worsen, and we don’t face the same fate as Italy, Iran, or China. 

These precautionary measures require us to quarantine ourselves at home and self-isolate, so as to not come in contact with anyone who could potentially be carrying this virus. Schools are shut, as well as restaurants and bars. Most of the shops have been shut down, barring groceries and medicals, and offices have been asked to shut down too, which means employees are now required to work from home. In a time like this, it could get difficult for a person used to the outdoors to suddenly lock themselves at home. We, at India Circus by Krsnaa Mehta have realised how difficult it could get during these times, and so we’ve curated a list of products that you can order off our website, to make this work from home time just as fun as being outdoors! With this range of products, you wouldn’t want to leave your house too! Let’s take a look at our offerings:

1. We have the most exotic range of cosy cushions you can snuggle up to while working, or in between your coffee breaks! Our luxurious decorative, as well as embroidered cushion covers, are available in an array of styles and colours which blend with any surrounding and add the perfect element of texture and colour. With varying designs, prices, and colours, you have so much to choose from, you’d be spoilt for choice! Cuddle up to our exquisite range of cushion covers now! 

2. Our contemporary wall art, curated by Krsnaa Mehta himself, depicts wondrous elements of contemporary India. Available in a range of patterns, colours, and designs, this wall art is all you need to make your space more interesting to work so that even though you’re working from home, you’d never be bored!

3. Our decorative flower vases are exactly the colour pop you need to liven up your desk space. Available in a range of vibrant colours and intriguing designs, they add some zing to your workspace, making it more inviting. 

4. Our scented and unscented candles are the perfect things to set the mood at home and create a relaxing environment for you to work in! They add just the right amount of light, and can change the vibe of your desk space with just the right smell, providing you with some uplifting relief, ready to take on a new day! 

5. We’ve got the most exquisite range of designer coffee mugs, which are available in the most exuberant patterns, representing contemporary art. They’d go perfectly with your workspace, and there’s no better caffeine fix. Pair it up with our intriguing coasters, and you have a winner!

6. Our range of artsy stationery is just what you need to add an element of aesthetic fun to your desk! This collection consists of designs that again represent contemporary art, and adds some exquisiteness in the truest sense. We’ve got a range of visiting cards, note pads, colourful notebooks, planners, all that your desk has been missing all this while! 

7. Our magazine holders are available in the funkiest designs and are of the highest quality. They’d go perfectly by your desk and can hold your essentials, making it extremely convenient for you during work hours! 

We hope you liked our range of stylish products! Get your hands on them before they sell out! To browse through our online shop, you can click here.

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