The India Circus Communiqué

The India Circus Communiqué

Embarking upon a new journey

Hello and welcome to the world of India Circus, your new home décor and personal accessories destination. It’s close to impossible to put down our enthusiasm and excitement in words during this launch period. We now open our gates (website, to be more literal!) to welcome millions of visitors and shoppers across the globe to come, enjoy and explore the India Circus shopping experience.

And while the adrenaline rush at this moment is simply crazy, we can’t help but pause for a moment and think of the busy, busy, busy ten months that have gone into the making of the brand. From sketching out designs to scratching off a number of them (speak about the quest for perfection!), and from endless discussions to some impulsive moves, the environment at India Circus has always been as crazy, eclectic and interesting as its products.

India Circus’s philosophy is very simple. We bring to you an exciting range of home décor — from table lamps to coffee mugs — and personal accessories — from pretty bags to smart watches. Embodying the finest flavours of Indian culture, ethnic arts and crafts, our products are a fine balance of the old and the new, the classic and the stylish…in short, completely contemporary-chic. With India Circus, what’s pretty much a ‘first’ is the fact that we are involved in each and every step of the making of the products. From the conceptualisation and designing to manufacturing them…it’s all done in-house by our super-talented team.

So, get ready to bring in vibrant colours, lively designs, elegance and élan, and a whole lot of India into your homes and hearts. And, as we say…India Circus, the flamboyant act is here!


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