The Organisation Series: Your Wardrobe

The Organisation Series: Your Wardrobe

Are you standing in front of your wardrobe, pulling out your favourite loungewear and in no time you are surrounded by a heap of clothes? A heap of all your favourites, A heap of all your “I’ll wear it later” outfits but you always push it to the farthest end of your cupboard. The pile of your vacation outfits that are just lying, waiting to board that flight. A stack of beauty products, a bunch of all the sentimental stuff that will walk you down memory lane and a mountain of some random things that you have no idea why you even bought in the first place.

If your situation is the same and while reading this you can hear your mom in the background nagging at you for your messy room, then bingo. You’ve come to the right place.

We, at India Circus, are here to help you achieve that ‘Quarantine-organised’ status. Make some space for new things and newer memories.

01. It’s time to hit the floor

Blessing Marie Kondo and her organisation skills, this is the first and the foremost step in excelling at organising your wardrobe. In this scenario, you need to remove every single object from your wardrobe on to the floor. This gives us a perspective of how much clutter you have managed to accumulate all these years, how much of it is actually essential and how much is just random things you’ve never gotten around to discarding. This stage is highly essential because it will gradually increase your patience level or not. We can see you either organising things like a pro or this is going to be just an endless trail of memories as you have found, an old bag of school photographs, college IDs and in the no man’s land area of your cupboard, secretly hidden are your college slam books and those letters.


02. Declutter before organising

The next step is not to take the accumulated clutter to the next room and leave this exercise. As I say this, I can feel my mom vexing at the sight of piled up clutter on one side and me relaxing on the other. This step actually includes, that before you entail yourself on this mission of organising everything, it is highly important that you declutter everything that is deemed unnecessary. You need to assemble everything that you want to throw, donate etc. This will include everything that you purchased hastily but never used it. To all the clothes, toys, tech, random things, paperwork decluttering them is the key.


03. Organise and Compartmentalise

Once you have accumulated all that you wish to get rid of, you need to organise the rest of your belongings by compartmentalising them in small Storage & Organisers. Smart folding that takes up less space, hanging your clothes vertically and storing your socks in a drawer standing upright are some of the ways in which you can ensure that everything is stored neatly.


04. Embrace that Label Life

The final steps for slaying your wardrobe is to label the boxes so that it becomes easier for you to recognise them.

This exercise will take some couple of hours, but don’t let nostalgia blur your vision of judgement. If you are not using the stuff in your wardrobe, get rid of it. You are not going to start using it more by shoving it in your closet. Declutter, refresh, simplify, create space for new energy to flow into your life. Decluttering is a process of self-nurturing. Declutter your life thereby decluttering your mind.

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