The Organisation Series: Your Workspace

The Organisation Series: Your Workspace

By now, most of you must be familiar with what work from home looks like. Once a dream, now a reality- however, work from home comes with a little price. Doing so, one is intended to rely on self-motivation, self-discipline, focus, and concentration. And there are several factors which play a major role to bring about these self-expected qualities, to name few- your personal to-do list which probably by now should include a new hobby, the atmosphere you’re surrounded with, for that reflects your actions and reactions and believe it or not, by now you must have understood the importance of having an organised workspace so that productivity in your work is not hampered.

Yes, organising that workspace simply will eradicate all the fuss you’ve been having around not being able to be as productive as you could when in office. Hold on, if you think there’s no difference between organising a wardrobe and a workspace. There are similarities like clearing the clutter in both cases, but let’s just look at the bigger picture here, on what it takes to have that workspace organised, keeping it not so fancy but not so dull either. For all you know, once you’re done with this task, you’re almost 50% closer to getting back to the day when you couldn’t stop being productive.

Whether you’ve got a proper desk at home or a comfy corner in your living room/bedroom, it’s time you ‘tidy’ up your space, first. So let’s not beat around the bush, and just take a sneak-peek into these little do’s and don’ts which we, India Circus by Krsnaa Mehta, have curated for you to organise your home workspace.

01. Do not leave your space clustered with stationeries, magazines all over the place. Gather them, get rid of the unnecessary and place the rest in storage boxes/organisers.

02. Replace the sticky notes and papers with a notebook planner or a diary, for you wouldn’t have to look and dig every place for your notes the next time.

03. Don’t blame your kitchen for being distracted while you work. Rather, have that arranged too, get the kitchen to your desk, not literally, but just a mug or a bottle, and a lesser space accommodating bowl, if really needed, should do the trick and keep your legs away from the dining area.

04. If a balcony or any comfy corner of your home is where you sit and choose to work, do some justice to yourself and let some soft comfy cushions accompany you, where you can just rest your back and it need not be covered with anything poppy, but can have motifs and colours that are just subtle and soothing to the eyes.

05. If you’re one of the owls working the night out, a little lamp or a lantern hanging or placed somewhere closer to you should take away that dullness off the air and you wouldn’t even have to keep the bright bulbs on now, which probably had been contributing to those minor headaches.

06. Is your workspace all about that storage and organisers, a laptop, a mug of coffee and your phone? Since we are in the middle of an era where one is expected to keep calm in spite of being surrounded by four walls, let’s not keep it monotonous. Place an indoor plant at your desk or wherever your workspace is and let the good vibes keep coming.

07. If an indoor plant is not an option, a home accent or a contemporary wall painting will do the trick for you. As good as the vibes that reflect from a plant, a home accent or a wall décor inspired by iconic images of life in India, does the job right, too.

Well, it’s a workspace and keeping it as simple as you can, yet a little quirky so that the dullness doesn’t take you over can be accomplished by just grabbing the above tricks. So, let’s just get back in business and bring out your productiveness whilst you work from home this interesting season!

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