The Shopping Rules: New themes and launches from India Circus to load up your style Arsenal.

India Circus by Krsna Mehta, the creative guru, has embarked on another great romantic way of art- Themes based on India motifs and designs. Yes, this is real, there are going to be F I V E different themes for all you lovely ladies to choose from.
For this coming season, the F I V E themes are going to be the mantra for décor in each of your life aspects and especially your home. All we’re saying is- Time to redecorate!
Let’s see what Krsna has set in store for all you lovelies this time.

O N E: Natures Paradise
We at India Circus are one hell of a nature lovers, but, through our eyes, we ensure you, it is more than just beautiful. Each of these designs are true to their name, a paradise. Yes, this is the exact paradise that lil’ girl in the Coldplay number who ran away from her home dreamed of.
See the collection here-

T W O: Pop Shop
No one does Pop Art better than India Circus. Motifs, color and glamor, our designs have it all! This collection is larger than life, and you will love the charisma of these pops every time you glance at this funky and patriotic tribute to the true essence of India.
See the collection here-

T H R E E: Mughal Opulence
To celebrate the glamor of Indian heritage, we have teamed up with the imperials and royals of India. Yes, it’s a Mughal inspired collection! These designs are even more elegant with the backdrop on which these queens, kings and barons are placed.
See the collection here-

F O U R: Floral Elegance
Who does not love flowers? These beauties add so much love and flavor to our lives! Vibrant, majestic, colorful, these designs are a must have for your collection this season. Gift, laugh and love, with the FLORAL Elegant collection! Be bold, be beautiful, be happy.
See the collection here-

F I V E: Peacock Grandeur
The Peacock Grandeur of the India Circus collection is simply a must have for your collection this season. The almost glowing, iridescent tails of these pretty birds will turn heads and make a statement, we assure you! Bring luck and charm into your life with these beautiful India Circus designs by Krsna Mehta.
See the collection here-

Not only are we launching these themes but, to add to it, many more designs this season, just for you!

Be lovely! Be you!
Love – India Circus.

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