The Ultimate Mother’s Day Gifting List

The Ultimate Mother’s Day Gifting List

A mother’s love is known to be the purest of all. Unconditional- Unadulterated- Undying. With only good thoughts and well wishes, mothers know what we need and when we need it, even if we won’t always admit to it. 

Who else would happily cook you delicious Sunday dinners, tell you ‘I told you so’ while keeping a comfortable shoulder to cry on, pick you up any time you fall or buy you things just because they thought you would enjoy it?

This mothers day, serenade your mom with something she would absolutely love and adore. To all the strong, beautiful, unconditionally loving mothers, here are some gifting options that she will definitely hold with high regard.

The Perfect Scent 

Fragrances have a funny way of evoking nostalgia and memories. This is primarily because of the associations our mind creates, whether it’s a sense of belonging, comfort or relaxation. Bringing something as simple as our Pineapple Tango Candle Votive with an exotic, meditative and floral scent of fresh jasmine can help improve her day. From vanilla to lavender and fresh cut roses, gifting a candle is the perfect way to warm up any space. Look through our array of numerous scents and shapes to help bring light and warmth to your mother’s favorite corner.

Some Mood Lighting 

For the times you don’t want an incredibly bright light burning your eyes, or a totally dull one making it unable to see properly, use the Flights of Crane Cylindrical Table Lamp for the perfect moodsetter, diffusing enough light to create a warm vibe. Our Bird Land Nesting Table of 3 is the perfect set to hold your lamp by the  bedside with its playful design portraying a picturesque melange of birds, flowers and butterflies. 

Hydration Station

Along with mood lighting and side tables, we can’t forget hydration. Our Psittacines Enquiry Bamboo Jug Set is the perfect fit for her bedside. Designed in myriad shades and livened with investigating parrot motifs, these eco-friendly bamboo jug sets make a spectacular addition to her kitchen or table or both!

A chic copper water dispenser can be a stylish and functional gift. Our Parrots of the Night dispenser featuring green parrots perched on branches with vibrant flowers is ready for all to drink through the day. If she enjoys hosting parties, shot glasses will be a playful gift she will definitely appreciate. 

Accessorize her Bed

Probably the most significant part of her bedroom, her beds should be a comfortable place, cozy sheets and comforters with even better pillows. After all, a good night’s sleep is the key to many good days. With the Jungle Miniature Quilted Rajai, featuring a mini representation of wildlife from florals, elephants and a chic tropical design, you can be assured that she will be sleeping good as well as adding a splash of color to her space. If you want to opt for a lighter option, the Rose Chevron Dohar features hand blocked prints of roses, chevron and patterns to complete her bedspread, along with matching pillow cases. Decorative pillows are always a good way to spruce up any room, with a range of colors and designs to choose from, you can find one that adheres to your parents’ taste for a personal yet practical present. 

Kitchen Essentials

A dinner set can be a thoughtful, yet useful gift. Whether your mother enjoys hosting friends, a delightful lunch party or just a casual family dinner, or all 3, this dinner set will have her covered for all with an added chic element. 

On a similar note, serving platters are an essential in every household, and what’s better than one designed to the nines to hold her array of scrumptious snacks.

Working Moms

How could we forget these power houses of energy? Working mothers are always juggling between kids, deadlines and work tasks. Gift your working mothers the super fashionable laptop sleeves and bags to walk to work in style. 

No matter what you get your mother, she’ll love it either way (or at least pretend to). So why not get her a chic new thing that is practical, beautiful, lasting and more? Follow this list and go to India Circus to find your perfect gift!

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