This Summer Keep Your Hydration Game on Fleek

This Summer Keep Your Hydration Game on Fleek

Summer is here, and with it comes friends, family, soirees, fun and a LOT of heat. While we’re having fun, it can seem like a secondary thought to take care of our bodies the way they need to be taken care of. With severe heat comes increased dehydration, which can lead to further problems. In today’s world where sustainability, environmentally friendly thinking is required, let go of the plastic, throwaway bottles and opt instead for your own personal reusable one. Helping the planet while healing your body can never be a bad idea after all. 

On The Go: In our fast-paced world, we often find ourselves consistently on the go. Forgetting to eat or hydrate in between our tasks is an often-seen err. Ditch your old bottle, and especially your plastic one, for India Circus’ Copper Bottle collection. Our River Bank Silvassa Copper bottle is an art aficionado’s dream, with its alluring medley of birds, flowers and trees. Take your hydration to the next level in the copper bottles. The antibacterial and antimicrobial properties of the copper make it a perfect metal to store water and creates a natural purification process to immediately boost immunity. Sift through the wide array of designs on our bottles and choose the right one for you. 

For the House: Hydration doesn’t only require attention when we’re out in the sun. It stays important on the days we choose to relax at home as well. One set for your bedside, another for your family room and a third to keep to serve guests on a warm day, our wide collection of unique Water Jugs will have something for you. 

With two kinds of tumblers, we ensure the night stand and the dining room are always covered with a chic yet practical water jug. The first is our Copper Jug Set. Copper plays an important role in converting iron to hemoglobin and is also vital to respiration. Complete the set and serve your friends and family in style. Once decided on the design of the jug, opt for some copper tumblers as well. Not only will these keep the water delicious, but they will also add symmetry to your decor and look pretty to serve guests. 

Second, we have our array of Bamboo Jug Sets. We all love to sit, relax and have a cooling glass of water once we get home. Give your water drinking experience a new outlook with the Fluttering Extravagance Bamboo Jug Set from India Circus by Krsnaa Mehta. The render on these water jugs source inspiration from the intimacy of winged butterflies and their sugar source flowers. Complete with 4 glasses, search through our collection of the bamboo sets to find the right one for your home.

A lot of people need water through the night, and we all know the struggle of having to walk all the way to the kitchen to get some. Save your guest or even yourselves the trouble by keeping a jug of water ready with a glass, on a side table near their bed. 

Forget about the overused mundane steel water jug and go for a sustainable Lattice Blooms bamboo jug set or, the Tropical View Jug Set to add floral blooms to any room. 

If you’re sitting out in the sun enjoying your patio or just hanging out with friends, water is always a must to beat the heat. Our Parrots of the Night Copper Water Dispenser featuring green parrots perched on branches with vibrant flowers. will be the perfect addition to your lounging area. 

This summer, don’t let the heat slow you down. Stay hydrated with the voguish range of India Circus drinkware and more by visiting us in store or online at

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