This World Environment Day, Spruce Up Your Décor to a More Natural Vibe

This World Environment Day, Spruce Up Your Décor to a More Natural Vibe

Famous Hollywood actor Leonardo Di Caprio rightly said “Our planet’s alarm is going off, and it is time to wake up and take action!” A greener, more sustainable world is all that we wish for. India Circus by Krsnaa Mehta outlines its source of inspiration through mother nature and with environment day right around the corner we have some practical and aesthetic ideas to spruce up your living space. These eco-friendly, calm and relaxed motifs and prints can be infused in different living spaces to recreate the outdoorsy feeling of a serene environment.

Nothing calms the aura of a beautiful home like the color green. With tranquil balconies and gardens bursting with leafy greens especially during the monsoons, adapting the shades of this color to our spaces ensures a serene and more peaceful environment. The Rhythm of Night Wallpaper is one such beautiful design. From waddling ergets to playful palm motifs amongst scattered floral elements, it is both lively as well as induces a sense of calm to the chaos.

With wallpapers and accents, the green theme can continue when it comes to actually growing your plants. The Floret Delight Planters  from the house of India Circus are a great addition for your indoor plants or patio. They enhance the look of any given space making it livelier and vibrant. Another such multipurpose planter is the Foliage Play Planter which works beautifully for both indoor and outdoor plants. Use it in offices, balconies, covered porches and outdoor seating areas for a beautiful display. 

An eco-friendly and sturdy option for cutlery and containers is the India Circus bamboo serveware which is an aesthetic and sustainable option to replace plastic and melamine from your kitchen. The Aerial Moments Containers  shows off some pretty motifs of crane flights on a whimsical blue background and some florals. These sustainable and beautiful containers are great options to carry around or to serve scrumptious snacks or dry fruits on your dining table or kitchen. 

Your hydration station can be at various places in the house. While it is the most functional stop in your home, it can always make ways to be stylish and still remain sustainable. The bamboo drinkware is the best choice to serve your guests or family members. The Psittacines Enquiry Bamboo Jug Set is a must have to deck your water stations in the kitchen or dining room. 

Copperware from the India Circus collection is also an excellent choice to incorporate into your homes. Copper is an age-old precious metal used to improve digestion, hypertension and heart risks. This drinkware is a healthy alternative to your regular jugs and glasses but at India Circus there is always a quirky twist to every element which makes anything stand out from the ordinary. 

The Forest Fetish Copper Dispenser is a wise addition to your list of sustainable and stylish kitchen essentials. Along with that, bedside or dining water jugs are great for your home. The Poppy Flower Scarlet Copper Jug Set is one such wise addition in your drinkware. The eye-catching poppy flower patterns on the deep red geometric patterns create an exquisite design on the jars making them look attractive. The patterns and the colors on these jars make them blend in any decor trends making your dining area look rich and elegant. 

Listed above are few of the many environmentally friendly and chic products that we offer. The sustainable frankie cups, containers, storage and organizers are always an exceptional addition to the corners of your space. You can always choose, mix and match your moods and style by visiting our stores or shopping online only on

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