Tips and Tricks to Host the Perfect Garden Brunch

Tips and Tricks to Host the Perfect Garden Brunch

With summer around the corner, brunches are coming back. Whether you prefer a boozy brunch or a relaxed Sunday hangout, having your own space in your home to host your friends surely comes handy. With the simple addition of delightful beanbags, pillow covers, rugs, side tables and more at a pocket friendly investment, you will never want to brunch out again. 

Whether you have a smaller patio or a larger garden, read on for more tips and tricks as we discuss how to throw the perfect garden brunch soiree that will definitely be a crowd favorite. 

Going bottom to top, we’ll start with some rugs. The Heron’s Palace Flat Woven Rug is available in 3 sizes and can match any exterior it’s placed in. The hand-woven flatweave makes for a sophisticated addition to your decor. The design features an artistic representation of Mughal-style windows in a splash of orange and blue along with the Heron. Made with a Satin Blend and Latex Blend at the back, this rug is suitable for astroturfs, grass or just plain marble/wood. 

Next, let’s look at seating. Placed around a bar counter, a high table or just around the area, the Legend of the Cranes High Stool will be the perfect addition. Utility marries design in this unit, made of iron and ply whose upholstery depicts cranes flying against a beautiful scarlet background. The seating comes with a powder coat finish. Add 3 or 4 of these stools around your garden to complete the look. 

If you want something comfortable and casual yet super stylish, India Circus’ wide range of bean bags is definitely for you. Try the Conifered Lotus Symmetry Design, or look through the website to find your favorite style. 

If neither of these options are for you, there’s no need to fret. The Monarch on Chevron Pouffe features colorful butterflies in various shapes and sizes, hues of blue, red and lavender that come together on the monochromatic design on this pouffe. Bring out the chic ottoman for your party as extra seating and to break the monotony of pastels in your space. 

Add some small tables around the space to allow guests to put down their drinks or plates. Our Birdland Nesting Table will be a welcome addition. Made from teakwood, the compact set of three tables is a unique space-saving solution for modern Indian homes. With a playful design portraying a picturesque melange of birds, flowers and butterflies wandering in nature, it reflects India Circus’ art in the truest sense. 

Now, onto some light. The India Circus’ Argent White Floor Lamp Base will liven up any environment with its white beam. The mango wood base will be a hit with people who appreciate wooden decor. 

Every soiree, big or small, food is always a must. And the way you serve, can make or break a vibe. Start with finger foods served in our Chevron Perching Peacock Platter, and don’t be surprised if the beautiful motif hogs all the attention among your friends when the appetizers come out. The design has 3 stunning peacocks perched on a lotus surrounded by chevron pattern. The color combination of indigo and coral is eye pleasing and raises your design aesthetic a few notches up. Made of porcelain, it is a versatile platter that can hold both glasses as well as starters. 

Finally, onto the table. A table runner is always a good idea. With glamorous overlays and ecstatic opulence, Krsnaa Mehta recaptures Mughal aesthetics with exemplary rendition. Add an element of drama to your table with the Chevron Palms Table Runner, featuring chevron background with visually pleasing palm tree motifs on blended taffeta silk. Next, complete the look by incorporating some white or beige table mats and keep the mess to a minimum with a final touch of the Chevron Palms Copper Coaster. Matching the table runner, these coasters will steal the limelight at your next party. 

To keep your table organized, incorporate a cutlery holder. The India Circus March of the Blossoms Cutlery Holder, has a depiction of bird and floral elements. Earn brownie points with your floral enthusiast friends and add a sense of relaxation with the rich overlays and beautiful hues depicted. 

Now that we’ve covered the basics, why don’t we add in some fun stuff. India Circus has a wide array of artistic pieces that you can incorporate into your patio or garden to add some style. The Hoofed Giraffa Animal Figurine stands tall and beautiful as a part of your home decor. In a gorgeous emerald green, it is sure to go with most designs. The Magnolia Textured Wooden Mask on Stand will help you flaunt your unique and classy choice in art by adorning your home with this collectible. Workmanship done by artisans in Rajasthan, this piece will definitely be a stand out at your next soiree. 

Visit the India Circus online or instore to gather your new favorite household décor items.

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