Tips and Tricks to Make your Home Look Spacious

Tips and Tricks to Make your Home Look Spacious

No matter how small or big your home, we all seek need to make it appear spacious and accessible. Your interior design and accents can impact the way your area appears no matter what size.  The secret of course is to hoard fewer things and also to discard unnecessary items. The concept of wabi-sabi has hence had many adopters worldwide. Enhancing the space of your home sure is not rocket science but a little management skill and a few accessories from India Circus by Krsnaa Mehta will help elevate and optimise the full area of your humble abode. 

1. Utilise your Entry-way:

This trick need not necessarily mean you need an abundance of space at your entrance. The sidewalls and the little nook before the living room is the perfect place to have a shoe rack, and a multipurpose sturdy table; just like the Teal Floral Galore Nesting Table with vibrant floral designs over a blue backdrop along with a Chevron Malavo Ottoman displaying vibrant colours that can be a great enhancer.

These small pieces of furniture meet the art, comfort & functionality factor and are great for your doorways. You can even install a wall mirror just like the Floret Delight Wall Mirror. The beauty of mirrors is that it makes spaces look larger than they are. This wall mirror comprises varied sizes and combinations of floral arrangements that make for an interesting visual. Bring home this mirror to grace your space in a classy and elegant manner.

2. Declutter your living areas: 

By decluttering, you need not have to give up on your beautiful sofas and sitting furniture but instead opt for movable elements that can create space for all your house parties and indoor soirees. Opt for some comfortable Sheesham wooden benches just like the Chevron Palms Wooden Benches which offer some extra seating arrangements and are easily movable. The palm motifs on these benches add a unique twist to your home decor element and look absolutely stunning in any decor style or theme. Adding a couple of Baboon’s Peek-a-Boo Bean Bags to the corners of your living room can instantly add to the comfort element in your space as well as can be relocated easily in any room.

3. Wallpapers and paint colours:

Using light colours is the key element to making your home appear bigger. White-washed walls or opting for beige or off-white colours can easily create a difference. Light-hued wallpapers with elegant prints can immediately brighten up any space. The Greyscale Safari Wallpaper by the house of India Circus showcasing leopard and palm tree motifs over a greyscale background is the best option for your home.  

Using full-length light curtains for your balconies and windows can also create an illusion of a spacious room. The Monochrome Palms curtain is the perfect choice for your home. The white background of these curtains along with palm tree motifs adds a fun character to your decor design. 

4. Lighting:

Both artificial and natural lighting can amplify your space. Lighting can easily transform your space – not just by brightening dark corners but also by making the area look bigger. Ambient lighting throughout the house through various elements of light can elevate the look of your space. Along with the functional lights, table lamps, wall lamps, and floor lamps are great ways to add a décor element as well as to create a uniform and ambient atmosphere throughout. 

Floor lamps can transform your home effortlessly. Place them by your sofa, study table or dining area. Pick this Earthen Touch Floor Lamp from the house of India Circus that will do the job. With a mango wood base, it has a graceful design to complement your room. 

Just like floor lamps, table lamps are also a crucial choice for various spaces in your home. The Pleasant Peduncle Rectangle Lamp features banana plant leaves disbanded over a white backdrop, lending this a pleasantly simple and classy appeal. Go tropical with this table lamp with just a simple fix.
Visit your nearest India Circus store or visit our website to find the perfect home décor fix for your home.

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