Tips on effortlessly adding colour and prints to your home

Tips on effortlessly adding colour and prints to your home

While staying indoors can be monotonous, sprucing up your surroundings can make a significant difference to your mood. Aside from total makeovers, less-committal changes such as changing your upholstery, adding a bold rug or decorating a bare wall are excellent ways to not only explore your creativity but also elevate your space. Experimenting with colour and print is a great way to express yourself – from rich Indian hues to modern pastels, maximalist prints to subtle patterns, choose what best represents your style. White foundations, textural wooden elements and small green plant accents fuse into peaceful living spaces with style and sophistication. You can’t go far wrong with this palette, but it can fall flat if the room content is decidedly uninspired. In an ideal world, the finished product would be a space that is impressive whilst minimalist, luxe yet understated.

The Layering Technique

Rugs are one of the most adaptable home decor elements. They can serve to distinguish one area from another, in addition to providing comfort and aesthetic appeal. If you want to keep your home’s colour scheme neutral, a unique patterned rug can completely transform a space, even in paler tones like beige or grey. If you want to add drama and editorial flair to your space while remaining neutral, choose a black and white rug with a bold pattern. Layering rugs of varying sizes on top of one another is an excellent way to make a statement. Layering, when done correctly, can easily add definition, colour, and texture to a room. Those with bare rooms can experiment with pattern on pattern layering, whereas in busier rooms, adding a small patterned rug onto a solid one works better. The Weaves of Blarney Flatwoven Rug has a modern-classic appeal to its design and can easily go with all kinds of home settings. Displaying asymmetric brushings and grained detailing, this handmade flatweave makes for easy addition to your home decor. Recharge the visual impact of your living space by making this addition.

Accessorize wisely

Decor elements, such as brightly coloured vases and vibrant lampshades, not only help tie in an existing colour or print storey, but also create striking visual points of interest. As a starting point, choose a colour that complements your colour scheme and use different shades of it throughout your space. To add some variety, experiment with both glossy and matte pieces. Transform the room with our gorgeous and colourful lamp shades. If you are looking at a subtle yet elegant colour option, then you could go for the Flower Regalia Cylindrical Lamp Shade  from the house of India Circus. The design displays a tiled repeat of the regalia flower while the beige backdrop adds a fine detail to its overall outlook. You’ll just love this design for your sweet abode.  Offset patterned planters with refreshing indoor greens, adorn a plain desk with a statement piece of art, or hang some decorative art on a bare wall – the possibilities are endless!

Stunning ‘Pillowscapes’

Decorating with cushions is one of the simplest ways to enliven a space and is ideal for those who are intimidated by the prospect of adding colour and print to their home. Cushions, especially in areas with neutral palettes, make a strong visual impact with small doses of colour and print. However, coherence is essential, so choose your cushions with the style of your home in mind – Folk prints complement traditional Indian homes, whereas modern, geometrical prints complement contemporary spaces. Make it  stand out with the decorative cushion in a myriad of shapes. The Mandala Festival Shape Cushion from the house of India Circus stands true to its name as it depicts the exquisite Mandala pattern with all its intricacies and grandeur. Add that extra edge to your favourite space with this exuberant design.  If you’re afraid of prints, opt for small-scale patterns with allover coverage. From a distance, they will appear as a texture rather than a pattern. Aside from cushions, a throw draped casually on a bare couch can instantly add intrigue to a space, particularly if it is in a bold colour or print.

Enhance your Dining Experience

At a time when home parties are the best place to be, the right dinnerware can make your meals stand out and set the tone for your dining experience. Using patterned monochrome plates is a quick and easy way to make a dining table look chic and well-thought-out. Don’t be afraid to mix and match your dinnerware. Colour blocking is a technique that involves combining two or more bold colours; when done correctly, even in small doses, it can create a delightful visual narrative. To finish the look, add patterned table linen in the same colours. A fresh hue of yellow and its swirling design, Swirling Safari Quarter Plate is sure to add to the sophistication of any table setting! So, introduce the Swirling Safari range of dinnerware from India Circus to your table setting!

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