Tips & Tricks to the Perfect Patio

Tips & Tricks to the Perfect Patio

Whether you have a tiny patio or a gorgeous garden, this guide to creating a luxurious outdoor area will help you take full advantage of warm weather. Read on for stylish backyard and patio ideas to try in your own spaces, from colorful design tips to minimalist dining nooks. Fresh air and fresh style ahead.

If you’re a fan of hosting friends on your patio or using it as a serene ‘getaway’, the first item on your list should be seating. Consider adding a couple beanbags to add a playful vibe to your patio. Our Conifered Lotus Symmetry Bean Bag for a modern yet colourful look designed with a gorgeous symmetry of patterns of lotus and lamps. If bean bags aren’t up your alley, the Bird Land Wooden Bench is the perfect spot to sip your morning coffee or evening tea. To spruce up the seating arrangements, these Indigo Mayhem Satin Blend Cushion Cover Set of 5 are the perfect look to instantly refresh any space. With playful bargello patterns along with blue zigzag work encircling a lotus, turn your patio into the perfect lounge area. The seating has to be placed on something, and what better way to liven up your patio than by the addition of our Neon Cyanic Pop Burst Ring to amaze your guests with delightful design with neon daisies and a teal background. 

Incorporate some lights and candles onto your patio for your evening hangouts. The Flight of Cranes cylindrical lamp is the perfect shape and size for patio lighting, strong enough to help you see while maintaining a warm aesthetic. If you want to opt for some mood lighting via candles, our Flight of Birds candle votive has a warm vanilla scent which will embody your style and personality. The design on the glass candles set an emphasis on minimalism with simple bird and flower motifs filling empty spaces. Sift through our array of candles for all the various scents and shapes to find one that speaks to your taste. 

Whether you’re serving guests or hanging by yourself, you’re going to need some drinks and snacks to go along with your time and our Feathered Garden Tray Table has you covered. Showcasing a harmony of peach, white and fuchsia blossoms adorned with birds, peacocks and greenery, the foldable tray is perfect to hold your array. If you need more than just one table, our Feathered Garden Nesting Table of 3 will add a touch of elegance while providing all the space you need. 

If you’re sitting out in the sun enjoying your patio or mingling with friends, water is always a must. Our Parrots of the Night Copper Water Dispenser will be the perfect addition to your lounging area. Fill it with fruit infused water or some limbu pani and have refreshment available throughout the day. 

Last but not least, you need some art deco to add a final pop of color. Our Teal Pineapple Decor Accent made of resin and has a matte finish is decorative, minimal yet eye-catching. Go through our multitude of home accents to find the perfect match for you. 

Your outdoor space can be your all in one lounging area or the designated dinner and drinks spot if you have the right tools to spruce it up. Follow our list to perfect your patio.  

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