Tips & Tricks to Throw the Chicest Soirée

Tips & Tricks to Throw the Chicest Soirée

While we all know a little party never killed anybody, it certainly wouldn’t hurt to make it your next one your best one yet. From dainty decors to serving platters and fruity drinks served in beautiful glasses, follow our list to throw the chicest soiree.

There’s nothing more fun than gathering with friends and family over good conversation, good food, and drinks. This year, go beyond your usual sundowners and opt for a chic evening soiree. Plus who doesn’t love the idea of getting dressed up for a fun entertaining evening with friends. Read on for our tips and tricks to nail your soirée.

1. Keep it fresh – When it comes to a chic soiree, keep it fresh and natural scents. Fresh flowers are the perfect way to liven up your table setting. Add a pop of colour to your table with this Bird Land Bed and Table Runner, featuring a bird land where we witness the beautiful romance of birds and flowers. 

2. Add candle light – Nothing sets the ambience like lighting. Soft candle lights are a beautiful way to set the mood to your chic summer soiree and you can’t go wrong with these India Circus Crystal Candle Holders, a hurricane style candle holder crafted in nickel-plated iron for extra shine and elegance. 

3. Grazing Platter – Finger sandwiches and samosas,  fruit and cheese trays, chips with dip and mini desserts, are all delicious and simple food options that can easily be self served at a summer soiree. Serve them on this Chevron Perching Peacock Platter to complete the look. A colour combination of indigo and coral and made in porcelain, allows the tray to hold anything from finger foods to glasses of water. 

4. Serve a cold one – With the heat out in full play, make sure to have cold chilled drinks to serve at your summer soiree. Keep it light with some cold beer, delicious wine, tea, and some refreshing cocktails served in beautifully crafted Lattice Lotus Small Glass Glasses. Use these Animal Kingdom MDF Table Coasters, featuring motifs of the entire animal kingdom in a lovely tropical setting adding elegance and sophistication while preventing rings on your table. 

5. Home Decor – Add crafty colours to your pillows with these Geometrical Deer’s Blended Velvet Cushion Cover Set of 5, with blue and green hues in perfect synchronicity, they’ll definitely add a chic touch to your space. 

Adding some fun wall art or figurines can be a fun way to introduce colour into your home. Appreciated by everyone who visits you, artwork is a fun and creative way to give your space a pop of colour. Try adding this Entrancing Forestry Canvas Wall Art which shows full bloom bougainvillea with enchanting peacocks and monkeys framed in pinewood or opt for these Turquoise Owls Figurine for a unique, subtle look.

Whatever your occasion may be for hosting a soirée, use these tips and tricks to make it a chic event you’ll never forget.

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