Top Trends in Home Decor: Krsnna Mehta's Insight

Top Trends in Home Decor: Krsnna Mehta's Insight


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In the world of new home decor ideas and ever evolving trends in interior design, staying updated with the latest trends becomes necessary to maintain the warmth, freshness and inviting appeal of your living spaces. One expert who is well-known for his eccentric yet eclectic taste that is quintessentially Indian, a renowned interior designer and the creative force behind India Circus. That is why, India Circus never fails to attract its customers with its stylish yet affordable decor to elevate with. India Circus is deeply committed to craftsmanship and innovation.

About the Founder:

About the Founder: Krsnna Mehta

Every corner of your room should showcase different variations of your life and likes. Eventually, it should showcase your personality in and out so don’t be afraid of experimenting with unconventional ideas”, says Krsnna Mehta, design director at India Circus.

Do you wonder, How does one manage to aesthetically bring so much personality into their home? “Your taste and design process change based on your life experiences,” asserts Mehta. 

Krsnna Mehta is a recognized designer globally known for his exceptional taste in textile and art. He primarily focuses on cultivating relationships, whether they are related to space, materials, or personal connections, all through his unique home decor designs ideas.

About the Brand:

About the Brand: India Circus

India Circus is a contemporary Indian design brand that offers home decor trends and home decor design ideas, personal accessories and fashion products. The company was founded by Krsnna Mehta in 2011 and it is based in Mumbai- India. India Circus products are known for their contemporary and sophisticated products in affordable style. This brand is discovered by drawing inspiration from the rich cultural heritage of India. It adds a touch of color and joy to your home. India Circus, is one of the leading online shopping portals offering contemporary Indian design products crafted with care and love straight to your home.

Krsnna Mehta’s Insights:

Krsnna Mehta’s Insights

When you think of India Circus, colorful images and quirky designs with a contemporary Indian twist comes to mind. That is the magic created by Krsnna Mehta, who has now ventured into apparels category to make awareness about the Indian handlooms and handicrafts. Krsnna Mehta’s insights about top home decor trends obviously revolves around blending Indian Traditions with contemporary patterns with modern designs elements, which creates a visually appealing and culturally rich.   

Read further for some of his key insights that make him successful and inspired:

  1. Create maximalist designs
  2. Invent products with sustainability
  3. Bringing Natural indoors
  4. Incorporating Bold colors and Patterns
  5. Infusing Mixed materias

A collection of beautiful Indian tradition-inspired home decor design ideas! Have a glimpse of his new house in Mumbai.

There will be no one who doesn’t like these golden chairs at Dining Table. This is the standard he set for trending home decor items, which makes him stand out of the crowd and get inspired.

His final tip – “paint smaller rooms in softer, lighter colours to help make the room feel larger. Use a patterned wallpaper to strengthen a room, and simple tones to soften a space. Heavy designed wallpaper can enliven a space and set a new decorative direction. Be sure other design elements play down to the wallpaper.”


Overall, Krsnna Mehta’s insights on top trends in new home decor ideas can be concluded by saying,bringing innovation, tradition and sustainability with a blend of cultural influences. By incorporating these design insights into their products, an individual can attain the desired output. They can even create spaces that are not only aesthetically pleasing but designs that reflect their unique personality and style. So don’t wait to try Krsnna Mehta insights to get inspired by your own self and others.

FAQ’s about Home Decor by Krsnna Mehtas

How can I bring nature indoors according to Krsnna Mehta’s insights?

Krsnna Mehta encourages incorporating elements such as indoor plants, natural elements such as wood, stones etc… with an earthy color palette from getting inspired by nature for a pleasant space. Creating Indoor garden with botanical plants, metal statues and natural lights adds beauty to your home which lifts it to the next level.

What are some of the current home decor trends according to Krsnna Mehta?

Krsnna Mehta sets the current trendy home decor which makes him stand out from the crowd. He identifies many trending home decor items including recovering the maximalism and sustainability of the design. He keeps the design natural by incorporating natural elements such as wood, metals and glass with bold colors and vibrant patterns.

How can I incorporate maximalism into my home decor trends without it feeling overwhelming?

Suggestion from Krsnna Mehta says, start with a neutral base and gradually introduce vibrant colors from your palette. Eventually add Bold patterns and texture through accessories such as cushions, rugs and artwork. Mixing different layered styles and textures help you achieve a balanced maximalism look.

What are some sustainable design practices recommended by Krsnna Mehta?

The recommended sustainable design practices by Krsnna Mehta is choosing eco-friendly materials such as bamboo, wood, jute. He suggests reusing old furniture and investing in energy efficient appliances. He encourages brands or products that prioritize sustainability in their manufacturing process.

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