Travelling with IndiaCircus

Travelling with IndiaCircus

Summer vacations are just around the corner and it is time to start planning that perfect holiday. As always a trip comes along with luggage and that means packing. Although packing is a tedious process, it is essential to make sure that you pack smart. This ensures that whilst you are carrying your essentials, you are also not over packing or leaving something important behind. This week, we give you some tips to make sure that your packing will be just perfect and efficient.

1. Make a list

Before you start packing, make sure to make a list. Take stock of where and how many days you will be travelling for. Write down all the things you require and accordingly start putting your things together. Once your list is made take a look at it critically and decide what you absolutely need and what you don’t. Make this list at least a couple of weeks before the trip as it will give you time to plan everything out in detail.

2. Wardrobe
Whilst the ideal way of travelling is light, it does not mean that you don’t have to be stylish. Plan your wardrobe out in advance. Don’t try and choose only your favourite pieces of clothing. They may look great while but they may not be adequate for the trip you’re taking. Choose clothing that is versatile and comfortable such as t-shirts and jeans. This will ensure that not only will you look good, you will also be comfortable. Also avoid carrying too many pairs of shoes. Shoes are
bulky and will take up unnecessary space. Stick to one or two pairs which can be used for walking as well as going out.

Stylish stole

3. Accessories
One of the easiest ways to dress when travelling is by stocking up on accessories. Accessories are easy to carry and will also make sure your outfit does not look boring. Simple things such as a colourful stole or a pair of earrings can really make your outfit come together. Also, instead of carrying multiple handbags, get one bag which can be used for going out as well as everyday use.

Warli Jhola bags

4. Think Miniature
A good way to travel light is by getting yourself a handy travel kit. A travel kit means you can carry your everyday essentials in a compact manner. Plan out make up and toiletries you need and see if you can find smaller containers for them.
Your important things such as passport, money etc. should be carried in a smaller utility pouch. A smaller pouch means it is easy to carry around and keep safely.

Small Designer Utility Pouch

5. Hygiene & Hydration

One of the things to worry about the most when travelling is personal hygiene. A simple way to keep this in check is by carrying your own towels. This makes sure that you are not obliged to use towels from a hotel etc. Make sure to carry your own water bottle/sipper will ensure that you do not have to rely on drinking water from unreliable sources. This will also keep you hydrated through the day.

Travel Towels

6. Entertainment
One of the things about travelling is that there is always the chance that your flight/train could be delayed. To keep yourself entertained, carry something small such as a playing card set. A set of playing cards can also help you strike up a conversation with fellow travellers over a fun game.

Travelling Playing cards

Above all don’t forget to have fun. So gear up, get ready and happy travelling!

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