India Circus re-defines the old, boring-looking idea of tumblers in a whole new way, and gives it a classy, contemporary appeal. We bring to you beautifully printed and gorgeous embossed tumblers.

Our range of tumblers is extremely elegant and chic, and can literally be the pride of any dining table or bar. The printed tumblers have a variety of designs, from love birds to ethnic Indian artwork. The colours of the designs further enhance the look of these tumblers.

Coming to the embossed tumblers, well, there’s just one word that perfectly defines them — exquisite! Yes, the embossed tumblers are breathtakingly delicate and pretty. The self-colour that is maintained throughout the embossed tumblers adds to their look. The non-cluttered hue, along with the embossed effect, gives these tumblers a true royal feel. What’s more, the embossed tumblers are available in two styles — the regular glass shape and the sexy stem glass cut.

Have fun with the tumblers by sipping your drink from a different piece at different times of the day. Enjoy your morning juice in the printed tumbler, your evening cooler in an embossed glass-shaped tumbler, and a relaxed glass of wine in the night in the embossed stem glass tumbler.

Sounds like a fantastic plan, isn’t it! Well, all that we can say is — Cheers!

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