Turn That Dingy Corner in Your House Into a Vibrant Affair With These 3 Simple Hacks

Turn That Dingy Corner in Your House Into a Vibrant Affair With These 3 Simple Hacks

From neglected nooks to exciting spots, there is always a hack to bring alive those dingy corners! Do you ever look at your home’s bare corners and feel like there’s something missing? One of the most overlooked areas in a space, corners can be turned into the most imaginative places in your home with the right decors and accessories.

A corner is a very versatile space…It can be a comfortable haven for a private conversation, a home to your favourite ornaments and accents as well as a complement to the main space. There are endless possibilities and a canvas to express your creativity. We at India Circus by Krsnaa Mehta have come up with 3 ways you can do a complete makeover of that fun sized abode!

1.Get a cute ottoman!

Take a step back from your busy life and be alone, mindful and rejuvenate your vitality. A corner is the perfect place to make for your personal space. If you love reading or perhaps occasionally entice yourself to a game of chess, a chic and elegant table with a pair of ottomans should do wonders to transform your corner from boring to simply stunning! Pairing the furniture with similar design and color palettes will help compliment your room as well as add character and personality to the space. A space that is meant for you, made by you and for you. Your own little utopia.

2. Go bold with accessories

Corners are a perfect place to showcase the jewels in your crown. Liven up your space by adding decors like figurines, accents, plates and lamps on a table in an empty area to create a bold and visually striking statement. Small intricacies pave a big way for creating a visual impact which adds drama and showcases your personality. Complement your space with accentuated complexities meticulously curated. Accompany them with the color palette you choose for the room to give an effortless vibe of elegance, opulence and aim the spotlight on an extension of your charisma!

3. Tidy up your riches

Stow away nostalgic memorabilia like old photos, heirlooms, toys and many more to make your corner space a personal treasure trove of memories. Corners make great places for storage as they are utilitarian and generally remain relatively empty and unused due to their physical aspects. Furthermore, you can also choose designer storage options for normal objects such as tissue boxes, chests of drawers, jewelry holders, magazine holders and a plethora of other options to make your ordinary – Extraordinary. Using storage options with patterns and color schemes as well as experimenting with different designs and textures will add to the overall look and feel of your space, not changing it drastically however, adding personality and charm to otherwise daily objects. Smart space solutions can make everything look snug so pick the right holders and drawers to create that sassy corner.

Do not let those corners be empty, utilise and personalize your space to create a destination made for you.

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