Umbrella Size Guide: What Umbrella Sizes Should I Choose?

Umbrella Size Guide: What Umbrella Sizes Should I Choose?

Who said size doesn’t matter? Size matters, especially umbrella sizes when it comes to keeping you dry after a heavy downpour. Don’t let the rain dampen your style! Wait! Not only rain, You need protection from the unbearable sun. But confused about the correct umbrella sizes? India Circus brings you the ultimate umbrella size guide for choosing the perfect umbrella sizes.

How do I know what Umbrella sizes I need?

How do I know what Umbrella sizes I need

When purchasing an umbrella we are often stuck with so many questions. How big should my umbrella be? Can this umbrella accommodate 2 individuals? What is the big size umbrella for rain? Standard umbrella sizes usually have a 33-inch canopy and can open up to 40 inches wide. Golf umbrellas are larger than standard umbrellas, canopies that range from 42 to 62 inches in diameter. It is always ideal to go for big umbrellas with large coverage to get head-to-toe protection. Get a standard umbrella size chart to avoid confusion while buying an umbrella for yourself.

Oversized safeguard: Full-size umbrella for maximum protection

Oversized safeguard: Full-size umbrella for maximum protection

While opting for an umbrella it is always advisable to choose a full-size big umbrella. Full-size big umbrella provides unparalleled protection against heavy rain, harsh windstorms and even burning sun. The full coverage of the canopy provides head-to-toe protection. Also, the spacious canopy provides extra shade on a sunny day.

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From Drizzle to downpour: Big-size Umbrella for Rain

From Drizzle to downpour: Big-size Umbrella for Rain

The ultimate purpose of the big-size umbrella for rain is to give you maximum protection from the rain. The largest umbrella sizes include long umbrellas and folding umbrellas. Stick rain umbrella ARC size ranges from 32 inches, 34 inches, 38 inches, 42 inches, 46 inches, 50 inches, 54 inches,60 inches,62 inches,68 inches, and up to 72 inches. However, folding rain umbrella ARC size can range from 41 inches, 42 inches, 44 inches, 46 inches, and 56 inches.

Umbrella Size Chart:

When an umbrella is open, there is the Arc, Radius, and Diameter measurement. Radius measures from opening the umbrella then measuring from one tip of one side then over the top to the tip of the other side. The diameter of an umbrella measures in a straight line from one end of the umbrella to the end in the internal part of the umbrella. The diameter is always smaller than the arc dimensions. The umbrella length is the combination of the shaft and handle size altogether.

The ideal size for full-size umbrellas varies accordingly. The table below shows the various Umbrella sizes.

Umbrella Size(inch)Umbrella radius(inch)Umbrella diameter(cm)

PS: The table mentioned above gives some of the measurements of the umbrella sizes. The size may vary slightly depending on the manufacturers.

Umbrella Size Guide: 

This umbrella size guide gives an estimated idea of the umbrella sizes and coverage it gives per person.

SizeOpen DiameterCoverage
54 inch123 cmOne adult and Child
62 inch136 cm2 adults
68 inch180 cmOne family

PS: This is an estimated table. The umbrella size chart may vary according to the manufacturers.

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Selecting the umbrella of the right size is crucial for ultimate protection and comfort. Our umbrella size chart and umbrella size guide have an outline of the various factors to be considered before getting yourself an umbrella. By analyzing and understanding these specifications, you can make a wise decision that enhances your outdoor experiences.

Ultimately, finding the perfect umbrella size includes functionality, convenience, and personal preference.

Now that you know to determine the correct size of the umbrella according to your needs, shop wisely. 

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FAQs About on What Umbrella Sizes Should I Choose?

What is the size of a standard umbrella?

The standard umbrella sizes vary from a 33-inch canopy and open up to 40 inches wide. The handles of the umbrella are long enough for the adults to hold.

What size is best for a rain umbrella?

It is always advisable to shop for an umbrella with an average size of 38-inch canopy or larger. This would be ideal for giving full coverage and keeping you dry.

Are bigger umbrellas better?

The larger the diameter, the greater the protection. So it is always better to get a big-size umbrella to keep you dry.

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