It’s December! The festive mood is just setting in. You pick a folded chit at random, only to find a name that either dazzles you or breaks you into a sweat.

You see them every day, you exchange emails often, you even pass smiles at each other during your lunch and other breaks, but when it comes to gifting them something at the end of the year, you are left thinking – how come I still don’t know them that well?

Well, if you already guessed what ‘gifting’ we are talking about, then you are in luck! It is that time of the year again – to share gifts, hugs and laughter, and then head for your much-awaited holidays. It is the time to put your hats on and play the game of Secret Santa!

So, here we are, with a list of 6 Secret Santa gifts for your friends and co-workers this Christmas.

Copper Water Bottles: One of the best ways to beat stress is to stay hydrated, and there is nobody on this planet that you will work with or befriend who does not drink water! So, doesn’t a water bottle make for a very safe choice of gift? Why not add a little bit of extra care and opt for a ​copper water bottle instead, since it’s known for its health-enhancing properties?

Laptop Bags: Want to gift something that will be useful to an office goer? Laptop bags and sleeves are on the top our list! ​Trendy, sleek laptop bags​ that can fit even a few documents without looking bulky are hard to find, and when it comes to a Secret Santa gift for colleagues, we swear by these!

Lunch Bag: Travelling to work means a good 10-11 hours away from home, which also means at least 2 meals with your colleagues. Packing lunch from home is the most preferred option, health-wise and pocket-wise, so go ahead and pick up a modern contemporary and cute lunch bag​ as your Secret Santa gift.

Travel Accessory: December is synonymous with holidays. It’s the time when schools are shut, most office goers are on leave, the vibe around is more relaxed and work pressure seems to not be very high. Gifting travel-related utilities like ​passport covers​, ​travel name tags​, ​eye masks​ and neck pillows will come across as something thoughtful as well as useful.

Bamboo Fibre Mugs: A coffee lover who is also an environmentalist will surely be ticked off if gifted something made of plastic. Get hold of a gift that smoothly combines the two deciding factors for you to choose a gift that is ecologically sustainable and can be used long-term. Even if he or she is not one, gifting ​coffee mugs made of bamboo fibre​ is just another step taken by the self to reduce environmental struggles.

Table top Accessories: Working on a desktop all day can get boring. The same office colours of black, white and grey, or an occasional pop of blue or orange is what is usually seen. Why not fill the desk of your colleague with a little extra colour? Gift your colleagues some ​colourful table top accessories​ that will surely prep up their mood while at work every day!

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