Usher in the festive day of Raksha Bandhan with unique gifting ideas by India Circus

Usher in the festive day of Raksha Bandhan with unique gifting ideas by India Circus

Raksha Bandhan or Rakhi is the day to celebrate that special bond between you and your siblings. Your story may just be relatable as that of Tom and Jerry’s but you are always there for each other, strong as a rock. The banters, the fights, the pride – all these emotions are what makes this relationship so colourful, special and memorable.

This crazy yet loving bond needs to be celebrated with a gift which leaves a personal touch. India Circus has just the perfect gift for Raksha Bandhan that will put a smile not only on your sisters’ faces but also on your brothers’. 

For Sisters: 


A prominent prop not just for comfort but also for defence since we are indulging in sibling banter. We always have that one weapon aka cushion that we will always be most attached to, thanks to the wonderful memories and nostalgia. Gift your kin the stylish Chevron Palm Satin blend cushion covers that will blend with any decor and find a way to stand out in your space. The design will definitely draw attention with its artwork of palm tree motifs against a chevron background. 

Walls Mirrors and Plates:

A beautiful accentuate for your wall is a gorgeous wall mirror or a wall plate, set in the most artistic motif, telling a story that needs to be heard and seen up close and personal. The Heron’s Garden Iron Decor Plate with palm and banana tree motifs is sure to give that tropical touch to the walls, teleporting you to the sun-kissed beaches and abundance of nature 

Jewellery box:

Wear a fabulous smile and great jewellery and know that you are totally and utterly in control. And with great jewellery comes greater responsibility to store them in a gorgeous storage box just like the classic Blue Departed Memoirs round storage box. The Mughal art motif will add a dash of the bygone era to the contemporary dressing area, the perfect fusion of old meets new.

Dinnerware and tableware:

We all know that one person who loves to flaunt her collection of timeless dinnerware and tableware sets so she could host the most fabulous parties. And in case this person happens to be your sister, you may want to add another set to her collection and be rest assured that a party invitation is coming your way. The Marine Opulence Dinner Set is the perfect rakhi gift for the hostess with the mostest who is the epitome of grace, elegance and fine dining experiences.

Personal apparel and accessories:

The stylish worker of a sister sure knows how to keep herself and her professional workspace full of positive vibes and energy and what better than colourful motifs and designer accessories to decorate? From the modern contemporary Geometrical Empress Blue Laptop Sleeve with Bengal tigers motif in gold on a dark blue background to a foldable Regal Flouresence Laptop Table, from Quote Me Belt Bag, a 90s vintage print on an ocean blue background, adding quirk to her #ootds to the stylish, upbeat and fashion forward Jewelled Beauty Unisex T-shirts, this girl sure knows who’s the boss. 

unique gifting ideas by India Circus

For brothers:

Bean Bags:

Bean bags are the perfect gift for all the bros who love to tune into their Xbox and Play stations in their free time. Bean bags are an easily transferable piece of furniture and would make a great addition to his home decor just like the Baboon’s Peak-A-Boo Bean Bag. The design of quirky monkeys around lush vegetation on the bean bag will lighten any space and would be a playful addition to his home. 

Figurines and Accents:

Figurines can easily accessorize any home. It is the most effortless way to add colour and character to any space. This makes a perfect Rakhi gift for all the dear brothers who love to collect and accentuate their homes with these products. The Sky Blue Happy Elephant Figurine is a cute gift for your brother and will remind him of you every time he looks at it. 

Copper Bottles:

Copper bottles make a great product for gifting. Unlike any other, India Circus copper bottles with twists of vivid colours and designs. The Legends of the Cranes Copper Bottles is one such beautiful bottle with cranes on a peacock blue background. These bottles can be easily carried to the gym or work and will keep your brothers healthy and hydrated throughout the day. 

With all these amazing Rakhi gift options from India Circus and more, all the brothers and sisters are sure to have happy faces at the end of the day.

Visit the India Circus store or the website for all the designs and products crafted with love and art just for you!

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