Weaving Nature Motifs in Your Everyday Home Décor

Weaving Nature Motifs in Your Everyday Home Décor

Nature lover or not, it would not be exaggerated to say that nothing livens up a home like flora and fauna prints. From cushion covers to rugs, dinner ware, table mats, glasses and even wallpapers, the India Circus range has pieces to suit every taste and palette. Go through the list of our favorite picks to gather inspiration for your home.

Wallpapers would be a quick way to change the look of your home without much fuss or maneuvering. If you want to make a statement, our Kingdom of Paradise Palette Wallpaper is for you. Sublime swans and perfectly captured peacocks in a beautiful palette of colors make  it unique and special. Featuring trees of orange, green and purple, a castle in the background, a stunning lake and beautiful birds, the house is lively with vibrant colors and motifs that look dainty yet ethereal. 

A unique mix of green and crimson will be an attention grabber yet blend into your décor seamlessly. Aptly named Floral Mystique Cushion Cover, it is made with satin and blended taffeta silk that looks plush and pretty. Throw these on your living room armchair or lounge area for a comfortable yet royal look. 

Give your water drinking experience a new outlook with the eco-friendly Fluttering Extravagance Bamboo Jug Set from the house of India Circus. The render on these water jugs source inspiration from the intimacy of the winged butterflies and flowers. Opt for these not only to improve your hydration game, but also for a pretty jug on your table. This also can double up as a vase for bright flowers with baby- breaths or a bunch of oriental lilies.  

On a similar note, avoid rings and bring warmth and luster of copper to your table with this elegant Harmony with Nature Copper Coaster from the house of India Circus. The design presents cranes of different colors parading around in the company of lotus and trees. It’s easy maintenance as it can be cleaned with a damp clean cloth. 

Transform your front doorway with our Legend of the Cranes Teal Doormat. The rich design on it depicts cranes flying against teal backgrounds, giving your friends and family a warm welcome. Additionally, add warmth and texture to your living room with the Cheetah Print Flatwoven Rug. The design on this handmade flatweave features cheetah prints along with tropical leaves. If an animal motif isn’t up your alley, we have an entire collection of woven rugs  for you to choose from!

Add some light to your space with our Flight of Cranes Cylindrical Table Lamp ideal for indoor or outdoor seating, this will make for a perfect moodsetter in your festive soirees. Standing on a pine wood base, the design on canvas fabric features a colorful floral garden and flight of cranes. It diffuses enough light to create a warm vibe, making your guests immediately feel at home. 

Artifacts around the house with varied figures and bright colors will definitely change the course of the space. The Hoofed Giraffa Animal Figurine and Idols adds a pop of green to your corners or can even be turned to a centerpiece evoking a feeling of abundance as the color green is associated with refreshment, peace, rest and security. Choose from a wide variety of stunning figurines to fit the colors and motifs of nature in your abode. Adding wall arts and wall mirrors from a variety of patterns and colors from India Circus can instantly create an illusion of nature in your space.

Whether you enjoy prints of flora, fauna or gorgeous animals, there is a wide variety to choose from.  Go through our array of nature motifs and find one that suits you. Perfect for your home or a gift for someone special, visit your nearest India Circus store or shop online from the comfort of your space from IndiaCircus.com

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