What is Bohemian Style: A Guide to Boho Theme Interior Design

What is Bohemian Style: A Guide to Boho Theme Interior Design

What Is Bohemian Style?

What Is Bohemian Style?

By definition, Bohemian means a socially unconventional person, especially one involved in the arts. Derived from the same is the bohemian style (or boho style ) that impacts fashion and interior design. The boho style reflects the hippie culture in the 60s and 70s. Hippies had their own distinctive style and way of living during those times. The boho theme is a free-spirited fashion that involves relaxed or free-flowing silhouettes incorporating abstract colors and diverse prints.  

Bohemian Interior Design

Bohemian Interior Design

 Bohemian Interior Design is a mental imprint of your love for an art type, seen in a visual. The same is true for interior design. If you love creating your own style using vivid colors, patterns, and textures,   you will love the Bohemian interior design style. The creativity in this niche is simply endless. It is like a mismatch with every mix having a perfect match and no misses at all. The Bohemian style Interior design includes designs from around the globe and has a maximalism and multicultural approach. 

Layer Bohemian Design Colours 

Generally, the boho theme does not have any set rules, but you can choose a vibrant mix of diverse colors in deep jewel tones, bright colors, earthy colors, or a mix of all three to nail the look every time. For example, you can opt for a wooden brown for the base and accessorize with mustard yellow or rust orange for a sunset yellow boho theme having these vibrant bohemian colors. Add some green to the space with houseplants and you have the most simple yet bohemian style interior attained. It’s really that simple.  Patterns and textures are another important aspect of the boho design style. Feel free to use rather unconventional combinations to achieve a look that will ultimately look put together in the bohemian interior design. Embroidered patterns from Central Asia or dyed fabrics from Southeast Asia or bohemian wall art pieces are also good to incorporate and add diversity to your room. 

Consider different textures 

Add silks, sisal, and crushed velvet fabrics with hangings and tapestries taking inspiration from art all over the world. For example, a vibrant teal blue bedsheet with a silk finish and a burlap rug textured with cross stitches will achieve the boho style interior design look. It’s important to have a neutral background or a wall against which these beautiful hues can stand out in their brilliance. 

Boho Furniture 

The boho theme pieces of furniture give a vibe of a comfortable and relaxed disposition. Low-backed sofas are a great starting point. Avoid any uncomfortable seats and overly royal-looking arrangements. The bohemian style interior design leans towards a low-profile, close-to-the-earth look.  You can even throw in a rug, include some cozy, oversized, and colorful pillows on the floor, and achieve an authentic boho floor sitting. Finding a piece of boho style furniture is a tedious process. Take your time to visit vintage stores and old houses to take inspiration. Slowly incorporate pieces you love and build the boho look one piece at a time. 


As the bohemian style interior has a welcoming aura, having warm lighting is key. Try having lamps, candles, and even lanterns rather than the normal bulbs or tubes. You can easily find these online and some are crafted for the boho design style. 

Accessorise with Plants 

This earthy, nomadic style is close to greens and feels incomplete without it. Natural elements play a vital role in bohemian interior design, plants in particular. They add focal points and vibrancy to the space and make it look put overall. The possibilities are endless in the houseplants list, from woven hanging plants to pampas grass. 

Make it personal 

Add a piece of yourself to the place. Memories of travel, a memento, an exotic piece of decorative frames – anything goes. Adding a few relics, frames, and art from the places you’ve been, the books you have read to the experiences you have had is what makes the boho look interesting, highly personal, and a unique blend of thought and inclusion of all. 

FAQs About What is Bohemian Style and Guide to Boho Theme Interior Design:

What is true bohemian style?

The style incorporates flowing fabrics, vibrant colors, and natural, woven materials instead of knits.

What are the rules of the Bohemian style?

It’s All About Layering, selecting natural fabrics, unconventional fashion, and using vibrant hues. 

What are some bohemian colors for interiors?

Consider deep browns, greens, and grays for base colors, and then accessorize with deep purple, fiery orange, and electric blue. 

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