7 Powerful Women Who Are Breaking The General Stereotypes

7 Powerful  Women Who Are Breaking The General Stereotypes

Nari’s of India are setting an idiosyncratic trend from various demographics and in various fields. We too are becoming a nation that is known for their ladies in role. Our ladies are not just behind the scene hero’s anymore. They are shining and rising like never before. Now it’s more of “Behind every successful female is her DREAMS and her immense devotion in following it.” Let’s gaze ourselves with a few Indians who chased their dreams restlessly this women’s day.

Richa Chadda – Actress

She refused a full-time job in a magazine and even walked away from a reporter’s job with a Tv channel to chase her dream.
This 27 years old actress has always impressed the nation for the bold movie characters she has played. She believes in not just Doing it but “Doing it Right” and this can be clearly seen in her roles. The vivacious actress picks movies that not just entertains but always showcases stronger female roles that demand courage and showcases a stronger side of a lady.

Aditi Mittal – Standup Comedian

Being one of the first Indian female stand-up comedians, Aditi Mittal knows actually how to portray random topic with fetish humor. She can act, she can write, she can make you laugh! She surely is a Lady in role to watch out for.

Karishma Shahani Khan – Designer

She is one of the very few designers whose primary aim is to inculcate India in her designs. All her work sings about the diverse textures, vibrancy, heritage, craft and culture of India. What makes her even special is her genuine fond and respect for her artisans and workers. And a mélange of all this makes her one of our favorite lady in role.

Ishita Malaviya – Surfer

This ferocious lady started off her career as a surfer back in 2007. She showed the nation how to protect her dream even when it was considered as a male dominant field back then. As any other girl would be scared or concerned about her complexion, she was audacious enough to break the stereo trend and built her career upon her beautiful dream as a professional surfer. This lady in role is surely an inspiration.

Arundhati Roy – Writer

This power lady wrote her success story from her book The god of small things. After which is soon become a writer known worldwide. She has also contributed on novels that explores about the cultures of people around the world and their diversity. Her novels and stories reflect a contemporary political and cultural aspects that are enlightening and inspiring.

Shilo Shiv Suleman – Artist

This young female artist has never failed to showcase a plethora of aesthetics in her work. Her vision for illustrations, animation and visual art will instantly touch your beats as she portrays fearless women. She makes art fluid by having an open and bold attitude and has carved her own identity worldwide for her ideologies.

Anupama Kundoo – Architect

We could not find a better lady to end this with. She is divine and her work is celestial. She believes her job is not just to make your home look like heaven but keeps inculcating with eco-friendly construction ideas and techniques and adhere to the fundamentals of Indian tectonics.

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