At India Circus, we like to bring in an element of fun and energy in every aspect of your life —from your clothes to personal accessories and from your stationery to cutlery. Continuing this mood and spirit, we now introduce a breathtakingly stunning variety of wallpapers. Our exclusive range of wallpapers are strikingly beautiful…enough to lift-up the look of any space. Here’s presenting to you exquisite wallpapers by Krsna Mehta for Marshalls — India’s No. 1 in Wallcoverings — at India Circus by Krsna Menta.


Striking colours marry breathtakingly beautiful themes in our wallpapers. What makes our wallpapers outstanding is that we have something special for each and every one of you. These wallpapers are not the typical floral or geometrical designs that don’t really have a story to tell. These canvases bring with them a different feel and atmosphere. So, whether you are a lover of nature, or the wonders of the busy and bustling city life, or the magnificence of music, we have something exquisite for each one of you. Each wallpaper promises to bring alive an area and aspect of your life that is truly you! Being in a room that has walls adorning these wallpapers is literally like being in the arms of an aspect of your life that you love and enjoy. And, of course, like all our other products, these gorgeous wallpapers, too, are inspired from India and its rich art and heritage. Here’s yet another dedication to India’s wealth of art and diverse flavours.


Apart from the look and feel of our wallpapers, here are some more reasons why opting for them is just the right thing to do.


A quick eight-hour application: Your time is precious, and we understand and value it. While painting can delay your daily chores or life at work because of the number of days it takes to complete the job, wallpapers are a quick, convenient and smart option. Marshalls has more than 100 installers, enabling the company to complete a room within eight hours, an office over a weekend, a restaurant between lunch and dinner breaks, and a hotel room within the checkout and check-in time of the guests. Do you know what this translates to? Well, this means that there is a 90% saving in resources, in terms of time and usage/business opportunities. Unbelievable, isn’t it!

Long life, with great durability: These wallpapers are made from vinyl (polyvinyl fluoride – PVF), a material that is reliable and durable. The wallpapers are serviced by authorised contractors and come with a one-year service warranty. Additionally, the company offers a composite warranty of two years and application on a dry wall surface. Marshalls’ PVF wallpapers have been certified by SASMIRA for 20 years of good life, without any quality deterioration. Install our wallpapers and relax for the next 20 years!

Washable: Our wallpapers are made from vinyl (PVF) and coated with plastic. This makes them 100% colourfast and easy to wash. It’s so easy to take care of these wallpapers. Simply sponge-wash with soap solution and warm water, and voilà, your wallpaper will look fresh and bright again. And, if you are feeling a little lazy some day, just call Marshalls. They offer sponge washing services at nominal rates. What’s more, dust repellent chemicals are added in the vinyl coating, which ensures that dust doesn’t settle on the wallpapers.

Saves Energy: Our wallpapers don’t only think about you, but about nature, too. They controlthe flow of heat, and act as a coolant in summers and a heating device in winters. This helps to naturally limit the need for air-conditioning or heating. The energy-saving credentials of our wallpapers, of as much as 7%, are endorsed by IIT Mumbai. Installing our wallpapers can be your little contribution to a greener and better environment.

Efficiently Eco-friendly: Our wallpapers do not emit aerosols, such as paints, and guarantee no cutting of trees. Additionally, the colour pigments are water based. The wallpapers are recyclable, thus optimising different natural resources. By using Marshalls’ wallpapers in their projects, builders can earn up to five LEED points.

Clean and Hygienic: PVF wallpapers keep dust at bay, which helps in keeping the surroundings clean and allows for easy breathing for all. Hospitals can opt for a special Bio-Pruf coating that can be applied on PVF wallpapers, which makes them anti-fungal and anti-bacterial. A few small steps and precautions taken today can go a long way for a healthier tomorrow.

Fire Resistant: Marshalls’ PVF wallpapers prevent the spread of fire. They are test certified, as per American and British standards.

Safe and Secure: Paints contain lead. When paints wear off, lead-flake leakage can have an adverse health effect. On the other hand, wallpapers are made with water-based inks and don’t contain lead. We are proud to say that Marshalls’ wallpapers have zero lead and are thus extremely safe. Further, these wallpapers repel dust, ensuring cleaner and healthier breathing.


The all-new wallpapers by Krsna Mehta for Marshalls — India’s No. 1 in Wallcoverings — at India Circus by Krsna Menta don’t simply promise to redecorate your homes and offices, but are a great way to keep the environment clean and green. Beauty, with a purpose…our wallpapers are truly that!

  1. Hi, I am interested in buying your wall paper for 300cm high and 420cm wide wall. I am based in Dubai.kindly let me know the price with shipping charges and time.

  2. Hi Ekata, Could you help us with your contact number please?

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