World Heritage Day: Take Pride in Indian Heritage with Home Decor

World Heritage Day: Take Pride in Indian Heritage with Home Decor

Be it mythology or folklore or customs or even literature, India is land of heritage and masterpieces. A day to recognise and appreciate the monuments and ancient possessions that make the heritage of one’s nation- World Heritage Day is a collective effort to maintain the legacy given to us by our ancestors. The value of our ancestral traditions and sculptures that were made thousands of years ago, is globally celebrated today. A land of diversity, India, is home to popular historical heritage places from numerous religions that Indians follow. With a rich heritage in history, India has been a home to Cholas and Dravids in the south to the Mughals and Rajputs in the north, each with its own unique story to tell. 


Vastly influencing the Indian tourism industry, heritage sites like Ajanta Ellora caves in Maharashtra or Hampi in Karnataka are UNESCO world heritage sites. One of the seven wonders of the world, Taj Mahal is the face of India in the rest of the world, signifying love and sacrifice historically. Mughal rule in India has left its imprint in the country with monuments like Red fort, Qutub Minar and Jamma Masjid. For more than just revenue, economic and tourism aspects of our heritage sites, preventing these sites is a way to respect the cultural and architectural marvels of our people from decades ago. 

India Circus weaves these stories through its beautiful collection of home décor elements. With a rich cultural heritage and a kaleidoscopic variety, there are tons of options to choose from. 


The best way to pick from the rich palette of Indian heritage designs is to incorporate a royal backdrop or by adding paintings peculiar to the Indian history. Indian paintings such as the murals and miniatures display precious craftsmanship of the rich Indian culture. Including a wall art that fosters the mingling of indigenous indian elements of Mughal Treasures can make an exquisite piece to own for an affluent home decorator leaving your guests speechless.  The fort city of Mandu- an ancient fort city in India is famous for its Afghan architectural heritage. A design of centuries old, Jahnaz Mahal in Mandu in a monochrome colour scheme or a deep floral wallpaper would make a rich cultural addition to your home space. One may want to include a vision of a palace in Rajasthan, the heritage city of India into their modern home with a twist. A composed barcode retro joy wallpaper that gives a distinctive tune of retro TV tube vision with clouds overlooking the cupolas in a palace garden fort gives a simple yet elegant aura in all means. 


Keep the heritage of India alive beyond architecture by walking through the Indian history with the treasures of art, music, classical dance, flora and fauna. The finesse of Indian handiwork, silk and cotton textiles, ethnicity of jewellery has been passed over from the ancient times. A rich potpourri of culture, indian interior designs can be enhanced with the elegance of solid wood furniture. The authenticity of these would add a great combination of functionality and aesthetics. A Mughal Door Reiteration side table from the house of India Circus can be the perfect colour addition to your home decor. Wooden storage boxes from the Mughal era blended with contemporary designs with an ancient painting of an emperor, elephants and florals can be an extravagant addition. Mughal windows are one of the most important elements of our heritage that has been carried religiously in all types of designs throughout these years. Adding a pouffe or a cylindrical lamp in contemporary mughal window design with flora and fauna around it adds an element of royalty to your space whilst keeping one close to the essence of heritage. One can include silk cushion covers in vibrant hues to keep the room (or the heritage) alive.

World Heritage Day is celebrated globally on 18th April 

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