7 Beautiful Wall Plate Sets for Gifting and Special Occasions

7 Beautiful Wall Plate Sets for Gifting and Special Occasions

Still gifting wall clocks and coffee mugs? You can be much more creative with gifting and impressing your friends and relatives. But the process isn’t as easy as it sounds. There are loads of shops and online stores with a myriad of gift items and objects. Selecting one that fits your liking and budget can take time. 

Here is a better way to save your time as well as money. There is a better wall hanging object that’s both cool and creative. They are wall plates. They are still new to the market and are mostly handcrafted, making it a unique gift item.

If your idea of gifting is about picking the most creative, refreshing, and one-of-a-kind product, then a wall plate set must be your go-to.

What are decorative wall plate sets? Why are they gaining popularity?

What are decorative wall plate sets

Wall plates are circular hanging objects with a printed and ornamented top. They are multi-purposeful as you can either hang them on the wall or use them to serve delicious food. They are usually made of wood or metal like bronze and copper. You can either choose printed and decorative wall plate sets or stick with plain and classy options. 

They are gaining popularity recently as they are the perfect way to add colour and personality to your plain walls. They are different from regular frames, mirrors, and clocks you hang on walls. This is why home decorators are showing preference in buying wall plates and hangings. 

Interested in stocking them up for your home or gift them for your friends? Here are seven amazing products that can revamp the walls and make them interesting. 

Warbled Verdure Decor Plate

Anyone who likes colours will become an instant fan of this. Made of MDF wood, the product is sturdy enough to last years without damages or breaks. Another interesting fact about this decorative wall plate set is its floral-themed design. The colourful flowers on the top of the plate will add substance to your wall. And guess what, it can be used as a serving vessel too. Or hang it in the dining area to take its aesthetic appearance to the next level.

Ideal for wall hanging, this is best if you are sending it as a gift to your loved ones.

Pro tip: Complete the look by getting the entire wall plates set with three pieces (Each one in a different size). Hang them adjacent to each other or in any fashion you like.

Pretty Monkey Mischief Decor Plate

Pretty Monkey Mischief Decor Plate

It’s indeed fun when you have to pick up a gift for your BFF that matches his/her crazy energy levels. Send them this monkey-themed wall plate to remind how you adore their cuteness and mischievousness. It also works for someone who has kids and appreciates having animal-themed objects around them.

Such a set of wall plates will become instant conversation starters and mood refreshers. So don’t think twice and grab them right away when they are sold at offer prices.

Like the earlier product, this set of decorative wall plates comes in three sizes too. Choose the size as per the space availability or serving needs.

Chevron Roses Decor Plate

Chevron Roses Decor Plate

Fan of simplicity? This pretty rose decor plate is the right choice. There are many around us who have a taste for plain, basic, yet lively designs. This will impress them to the core and fetch you countless compliments as you find the correct match. If they have concerns about the long-lasting nature of the prints or the quality of the plate, explain how sturdy and strong they are. 

Tell them that its colour coated for the effects to last longer. And this quality makes the cleaning experience much simpler and smoother. All it requires is a wipe with a damp cloth for it to shine like a new wall plate set.

There is one more product like this too. Take a look at this Poppy Surprise Decor Plate which has a much simpler and vibrant sketch. This is the right gifting choice for someone who has an elegant taste.

Cosmic Sail Iron Decor Plate

Cosmic Sail Iron Decor Plate

Looking for something different than regular wooden wall plates? Then this aqua-themed iron plate must have all your attention. It’s made of iron which makes it highly durable. The prints are out of the world representing a calm ocean and blooming flowers. On the outside, it looks much like a regular plate but comes with wall-fixtures. So, it’s a quirky gift that you can share with your friends or relatives or add to your living room’s wall to spice it up.

Gift this to someone and let them wonder if it’s a plate or a decorative item. 

Want an alternative and cooler option? Shortlist this Heron’s Garden Iron Decor wall plate set instead.

Legend of the Cranes Decor Plate

Legend of the Cranes Decor Plate

Legend of the cranes is one of the most iconic and sought-after prints of India Circus that you can’t find anywhere else. You can have it in your wall plates too, to complement other decor objects with similar prints. The bright red signifies courage and strength as per our country’s tradition. So, if you want to appreciate someone’s grit and perseverance, then you must consider this crane-themed decor plate.

Beryl Boutonniere Decor Plate

Beryl Boutonniere Decor Plate

What would an art lover have in their creative corner of the house? Probably, this stunning wall decor plate set with peacock and flowers. The design looks realistic to an extent that you will feel yourself surrounded by a pleasant garden. Let your friends and relatives enjoy this magical sensation too by gifting them this decorative wall plate set. 

Floret Delight Wall Mirror

Floret Delight Wall Mirror

Last but not least, this wall mirror is a must for anyone who wants to give classy items as a gift. Though mirrors are not really the most preferable option for gifting, you can still buy them if you are moving to a new home. The attractive frame that comes with this is also noteworthy. If paired with the perfect lighting, this can take your room’s aesthetics to the next level.

Final thoughts

It’s not the gift but the thoughts that you put into it matters. By choosing artistic, unique, and auspicious gifts like wall plates, you make their special occasions more merrier. 

To buy a set of decorative wall plates in India at best qualities, choose India Circus as your destination. We not only have wall decorative items but everything your home needs for an effortless revamp. From kitchen options to home decor products to personal accessories, we have everything with unique prints that you can’t find anywhere else. It is suitable both for gifting and decoration purposes. So, you don’t have to look anywhere else. 

Check out our entire range of products here.

FAQs about Wall Plate Sets

1. What is the best colour for wall plates?

The best colour for wall plates depends on the colour of your walls and the theme you set for decoration. You can pick something that complements it or contrasts it. But in general, the colours that will go well with any wall colour in any room are green, ivory, black, and blue.

2. Are wall plates fashionable?

Wall plates are fashionable and are in trend right now. You can see many interior designers and decorators to have a finished look. You can place multiple wall plates in a particular pattern for a more sophisticated feel.

3. What is the best material for wall plates?

The best material for decorative wall plates are metal, synthetic wood like MDF, and ceramics. If you want a classic finish and durable quality, then MDF plates are the best option. 

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