7 Gift Ideas for a Friend/Relative Who Has Just Moved to a New House

7 Gift Ideas for a Friend/Relative Who Has Just Moved to a New House

Here is the truth! No one likes receiving clocks or casseroles as a gift when they move into a new house. If you really want them to be excited about your gift, then it must be thoughtful, practical, and classy. You can still stick with the basic options yet gift them most creative products that stands out. Use this as a guide to pick the best gift for your friend/relative who just moved to a new house. 

Here are some 16 great new home gift ideas that are absolutely jaw-dropping and fit your budget too. 

Gifts for friends housewarming

This list has the best house opening gift ideas, everything from compact organizers to kitchen utilities. Think of what works best for your budget and shows how happy you are about their milestone achievement.

Greenery in a pot

Gift Floret Delight Planter for new home

Plants are the sign of prosperity and good luck and can be the best gift for home ceremonies. However, traditional planters might not go well with a new home’s aesthetics and certainly not work for an indoor environment. As a better option, you can gift them this Floret Delight Planter which is apt for indoor, living room plants. 

The unique floral patterns on the top of this planter has a lot of stories to tell and go well with light backdrops. As it’s made of Iron material, your gift is going to be last for life. 

Note that this only comes with a medium sized planter and not the plant itself. You can choose to gift something like money plant, snake plant, or Areca palm along with it.

Realistic, compact sized figurines

Snow white cow can be the best gift for new home

Cows are highly auspicious for new homes and are brought in during new home ceremonies. Gift your friend or relative a model, compact cow figurine which is this Snow white cow which can be a perfect addition to their living or puja room. It’s made of polyresin which promises a smooth, shiny outer surface and makes it durable too. Your friend will be over the moon to receive a gift like this that’s unique and beautiful like this. Cleaning this isn’t a huge task too, just a cloth is enough.

Note: The same product is also available in other colours like black, blue, pink, golden, etc. 

Spread some aroma of peace in the air

Paisley romance scented candle votive best gift ideas

Aromatic candles are great gifts for friends housewarming but they should smell nice, look good overall. Here is an antique style candle holder Paisley romance scented candle votive with classic designs outside and pleasant smelling vanilla candle inside. The container is made of iron and brass and has bright-coloured motifs all over giving out pleasing experience.

Aesthetic lamps and candles always stand out when it comes to gifting.

Choose from our wide range of votives here

A whole box of elegance

Storage boxes and organizers are for everyone and hence it passes the check as a thoughtful and useful housewarming gift. But they are mostly lookalike and are made of plastic that brings the whole look down. This Arches of Enigma Storage Box isn’t like those regular boxes you see. It has charming flowers and birds digital prints on top and the box is made of glass with a brass frame. 

You can even add small jewelry pieces inside to take it up a notch. 

In total, the product gives 100% vintage vibes which your friend will totally adore for their life.

If you are ready to splurge more and want an upgraded version of this, then check out Palaces in Paradise Chest of Drawer made of MDF material and has multiple compartments.

Blue crystal candle holder

Hang (it) in there!

Pretty monkey mischief decor plate for new home gift idea

Those who moved into new houses look for nice hanging that adorn their walls (anything other than mediocre clocks). Gift them something intriguing and mesmerizing like this Pretty monkey mischief decor plate which is ideal for living and dining room walls. 

This product has adorable ethnic designs printed all over that depicts monkeys chilling out in palaces. Thus, this is a perfect new home gift idea for that close friend of yours who has this child-like glee. 

It’s sturdy too, as the outside material is MDF which firmly supports the laminated print in the middle. There are other designs too, representing birds, trees, gardens, and more.

Vintage tiffin boxes with a contemporary twist 

Clover's Knotty Play Lunch Box as a housewarming gift

No matter how many plastic and tupperware lunch boxes can be in the market, the traditional dabba always has a special place in our heart. You can make your friends feel special and nostalgic by gifting them this unique Clover’s Knotty Play Lunch Box as a housewarming gift. Tiffin boxes are the most utilitarian gifts one can buy for someone. This cute product here not only is useful but looks enchanting too. The material is stainless steel but it doesn’t have the plain silvery look. Instead, the outer surface is in pretty pink with alluring patterns and is enamel coated for a polished look.

Not a fan of pink? Try the blue one instead – Iron blooming Dahlia lunch box set.

Modern cupboards require modern storage solutions

Parading Tuskers storage lid for new home gift ideas

New houses call for new storage utilities. Impress your friends/relatives by gifting them such useful storage objects like this Parading Tuskers storage lid. It is a medium sized storage box made of steel and comes with a lid. The surface is printed with a rare shade of green, Cyan and has intricately designed elephant figures. The tuskers take away all the attention and gives a superior, royal look to the product.

The lid is different from what we use everyday and adds to the finesse.

If practical gifts are your go-to, then these modern storage containers will be the foremost choice.

Spoil them with colours

Chevron Safari cushion cover be the best gifts for friends

It’s hard to say no to vibrant cushion covers that has the power to transform a basic couch. This set of five Chevron Safari cushion cover is one such option that also qualifies to be the best gifts for friends housewarming. Though cushion cover sets are unusual gift options, they have the instant power to impress someone. This particular product resembles a pretty peacock due to its colour and unique designs. India Circus spoils you with different options and has tons of cool, one-of-a-kind fabrics woven into cushion covers. 

If your friend has hard-core faith over Krishna, this Krishna Baugh cushion cover set will be an ideal housewarming gift for them.

Tissue box with flowers and birds

A floral themed tissue box is a great new home gift idea

A floral themed tissue box is a great new home gift idea for those who love to have a piece of art everywhere around them. This Grey Floral Galore Tissue Box Holder is the perfect option as it looks nice and has a strong built too. It’s made of MDF material so your gift is going to be long-lasting. The design and color are also very subtle and reminds of a calm summer afternoon. For anyone, it’s a nice addition to their car dashboard, coffee table and dining table area. 

Let your gift stand out with elegance and scream uniqueness when you choose these durable home opening gift ideas like this tropical view tissue box.

Coffee mugs that symbolizes life

Chevron Palms Mug Set for a new home gift ideas

Our gifting custom always has a space reserved for pretty coffee mugs. Want to send a new home gift that’s basic yet different from its tribe? Then, this Chevron Palms mug set is ideal for you. It has mild hues, chevron patterns, and palm trees all around it. Palm trees is a symbol of life or a new beginning, which your gift can stand for. 

Made of bone China material, they are also rigid and last long. Remind your friends or relatives your sweet gesture every time they have or serve coffee in this funky coffee mug.

This one has 6 mugs in it. You can send them a set of two coffee mugs too like this Windows of Wisdom Zing mug set.

Brighten the new home

Signature window cylindrical lamp with a new home ideas

Gifting a lamp is believed to be beneficial for both receiver and the giver. It’s because lamps and lights emit brightness and shoes away darkness and fear. Gift your friends or relatives this magical effect by choosing a product like this Signature window cylindrical lamp. This is a fancy version of a regular table lamp and made of wooden base and iron frame. The figures and shiny colours outside can elevate the mood of the whole space. 

You can also prefer to gift a traditional table-top lamp similar to this Bird Land Hexagonal lamp. Check out our whole range of unique lamps here.

Serving with love

Magenta Biome Mystique Tray for new home gift idea

Serving trays are one of the best new home gift ideas because you can have an infinity of them and still not bored. But should them always come in monotonous shapes, colours, and designs? There is one stellar product that defies this. Take a look at this hexagonal printed Magenta Biome Mystique Tray made of MDF material. It will be a nice addition to house parties and hostings, carrying chips, dips, drinks, or any snackable items. 

The most intriguing feature of this product is its hexagonal shape and its bright red colour. Designs are so minimal letting what it holds take up entire attention.

You can have rectangular and circular trays too, like this Chevron Palms tray set and Ariel moments round bamboo tray

Definitely your cup of tea

Verdant Chef D'oeuvre Tea Set for new home gift idea

Last but not last, there is one show-stealing, limited edition product waiting for you. This Verdant Chef d’oeuvre Tea set is the perfect house opening gift that can appear both elegant and business-like. The stunning designs on the teapot and the saucer and the vibrant blue shade of the product will leave you wanting for more. It’s made of bone China material which makes the whole product looks classy. While you order one for your friend, why don’t you buy one for yourself and stock it before it goes out of stock?!

7 gift ideas and tips for your loved ones

When you select house opening gift ideas, keep the following points in mind.

7 gift ideas and tips for your loved ones

Buy something that they use: When you gift someone to wish their celebratory moment, make sure the product is actually useful to them. That way, your gift appear thoughtful and becomes worth the money you invested. You can sneakily check if they have similar products or try to find what they are looking forward to receive and select a product based on that.

Put extra care to brittle items: Nothing can break someone’s heart than opening a present and finding it in a broken condition. If you are bringing gifts that can break or crack, take extra care to double pack it or mark it while shipping. Even after handing over the gift, remind them to handle it with care.

Budget matters: It’s okay to splurge to pamper our loved ones. But when you set a budget, you know the boundary within which you could choose a new home gift easily. It controls you from spending too much and allows you choose the best product for the best price.

Higher budget may also take away the recipient’s thunder and cause plain awkwardness to everyone. So, leave out options that are too expensive or too huge in size.

It shouldn’t always be materialistic: It’s okay if you don’t want to load up their house with another decor item or running low on budget. You can rather offer them something they can experience, ie sponsoring an adventure sport or a vacation or entry tickets to a show, etc.

Select the right platform: If you don’t want to end up with a run-off-the-mill decor item that don’t look the way it appeared in pictures, you better choose a reputed venture like India Circus. Every product on India Circus is carefully crafted, sourced, and curated to suit everyone’s preference, budget, and style. Every product is designed with one of the iconic and unique prints which are rare to find in other home decor and utility objects. 

Gifts are something that should and will bring happiness to both parties involved. Share that happiness with your loved ones by sending them a special product from India Circus

Find the perfect housewarming gift that reflects their personality at India Circus - Explore now!

FAQ about Gift Ideas for a Friend/Relative Who Has Just Moved to a New House

Q1:How do I choose the right gift for someone who has just moved into a new house?

A: When selecting a gift you can consider their taste, needs, and preferences if they are closed ones. Think about practical items that will be useful in their new home or opt for unique and thoughtful gifts that reflect their personality and style.

Q2: What are some budget-friendly gift ideas for a housewarming occasion?

A: There are plenty of budget-friendly gift options available. You can consider items like decorative candles, vibrant cushion covers, elegant coffee mugs, or even a floral-themed tissue box holder. These gifts are not only affordable but also add a touch of charm to their new home.

Q3: Are there any traditional or symbolic gifts that are suitable for a housewarming celebration?

A: Yes, there are several traditional and symbolic gifts that are considered auspicious for a new home. For example: presenting greenery in a pot which symbolize prosperity.

Q4: Where can I find unique and high-quality housewarming gifts?

A: India Circus provides an extensive selection of extraordinary and superior housewarming gifts. Find out products encompassing decorative items, organizers, lamps and more. Each showcasing distinctive prints and designs that will undoubtedly make a resounding statement.

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