A 'Very Peri' Home

A 'Very Peri' Home

The color of the year is here! With it, come new styles, trends and fashion for us to hop onto. 

Very Peri is a charismatic combinatiohttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Instagramn of periwinkle blue and red. Holding characteristics of both these colours, you can be sure that they are going to dominate society. We can already see the colour popping up on our instagram feeds.

While the colour is absolutely brilliant in terms of digital presence and marketing, the question people are asking is, how can you incorporate the new, incredibly bold colour into daily life.

Very Peri can certainly be used in our homes, closets, beauty trends and accessories, and done right, it will exude confidence and joy🤗.

If you’re a fan of home decor, Very Peri has you covered.

Starting from the very beginning, a very peri entrance mat can greet visitors in a warm and welcoming manner into your home. Thanks to the calming tone of the periwinkle blue, and the bold features of the vivifying red, the new colour can be used around the house to create a fresh modern look. Making a wondrous new wallpaper choice, the Warbled Verdure wallpaper with prints showing vibrant flowers and birds is a visual treat. Combined with muted tones of beige and white furniture, you can add light to any room you please. To add a touch of colour to your bed, the addition of the Sangria Tropical Fall velvet cushion covers will bring energy and warmth to your room. 

While it is a strong colour, balancing it correctly with other hues will accentuate aesthetics. Try to contrast the colour with complementary shades of lilac, pink, orange or white for a modern touch. 

If your bed is your sanctuary, consider ditching darker shades by choosing vibrant curtains against white walls to make the room look livelier and ensure a positive start to your day!

Very Peri can be incorporated into your dining area to add a chic vibe. Since presentation is an important aspect of dining,the addition of a table runner to hold your serving dishes is always a fun idea. Consider new table mats in the same design for an organized look under beautifully crafted plates.

Tea light holders in the new hue sitting on-top your table full of delicious foods will be the perfect sophisticated touch to any dinner party. A conversation starter and a vibrant colour  to look at, you can rely on very peri to do it all. 

Whether you enjoy beginning your day with a fresh mug of coffee, or ending it with calming chamomile, the dynamic colour will bring joy to any setting. 

Masks have now become not only a method of keeping us safe, but also a way to show your style. Our vibrant Violet Mastaddon’s Jamboree protective face mask, complete with a breathing valve overlaid with royal indian elephant motifs and composed in rich colours, will help you add mindfulness and warmth to your daily outfits. 

The new colour opens us up to a fantasy, a pleasing colour to look at, Very Peri invokes confidence, peace and happiness along with a spark of daring curiosity. The dynamic shade is suited to an array of materials and textures. Take advantage of its empowering effect and don’t shy away from using it around your house to add a touch of playfulness, a pop of colour and a fresh, modern aesthetic.

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