A Guide to Dining Experience: Dining Room Decor Ideas for a Show-stopping Room

A Guide to Dining Experience: Dining Room Decor Ideas for a Show-stopping Room

A dining experience isn’t only about delectable food. It’s a wholesome experience where the ambience and mood plays a role too. This is the place where we we stay away from gadgets and spend quality time with loved ones. Designing the space according to your taste, personality and style will make your dining and hosting a truly memorable experience. 

Dining Room Decor Ideas for a Show-stopping Room - Infographic

But decorating the dining room from scratch can also be exhaustive. This is where our dining room decor ideas and best finds come handy. Use this as a guide to remodel your dining space that your guests rave about. On top of that, you can put this space into good use by using it for your board games sessions, work from home scenarios, or vlog shoots. 

15 dining room design ideas to revamp your diner area

dining room design ideas to revamp your diner area

You don’t really need statement pieces from exclusive designers for an upstyle dining room design that see in decor magazines. You don’t even have to visit multiple showrooms to fetch contemporary and minimalistic furniture. This guide has some exquisite designer picks that you can get from one place at a fair price. The list has everything you need from dining tables to diner sets to wall arts for a elegant yet simple dining room design. 

Let’s get started.

Give the utmost importance to the major dining room decor pieces, which are your diner accessories. The first section carries some best finds that are rich in both appearance and quality. 

Hold my cutlery!

March of the blossoms Cutlery

A cutlery holder has a permanent place in your dining table. Why going for something basic when you can have this breathtaking March of the Blossoms Cutlery Holder made of MDF material. Its minimalistic design and vinyl print captures attention instantly yet isn’t too flashy. It has separate compartments for your spoons, forks, napkins, and sauces and a handle at top. If you love floral patterns and subtle background colours, then you can never go wrong with this choice. The designer has brought some classic Mughal aesthetics to life with this one-of-a-kind design.

Buy this cutlery holder today on India circus at a discounted price.

Set your dining table the right way 

Upgrade the woody look of your dining table with this catchy Psittacines Enquiry table mats. The vibrant images of little birds on a plain setting is all you need to break the ice and kickstart friendly banters. They can be a nice backdrop for your foodgasm clicks too.

Plus, you never know when someone will drop their food on the table or place their soiled cutlery down there. Protect your precious table at any cost from hot food or naughty kids. 

The pack contains 6 placemats made of blended canvas material in the front and blended dupion material in the back for a stable support. 

Mirror! Mirror! On the wall!!! 

Palm Tusker Wall Mirror for Dining Room Decor Ideas

Vastu recommends placing a mirror in the dining area to welcome more prosperity and increase familial bonding. It’s believed that it attracts positivity as you see yourself while you eat. Besides this belief, a giant, framed mirror adds a bit of a drama to the wall too. Balance the look by choosing the right shape, design, and material.

Bring your dining area a visual replica with this Palm Tusker wall mirror at a flat 60% discount. It’s frame is made of MDF material and has lustrous vinyl coating on top. Its quirky prints (palm trees and elephants!) and crystal clear opulance will pique anyone’s interest and become the center of attention quite literally.

I like big plants and I cannot lie!

Sultry Greenwood Planter for Dining Room Decor Ideas

Leaving corner space unattended can eventually turn that area clutter-filled. But there is a terrific dining room decor idea that can fill this gap. Summoning all plant enthusiasts to try out this Sultry greenwood Planter and place it in the corner of the dining room. Fill it with bright, greeny indoor plants like umbrella tree for good luck, air, and oxygen. 

This planter is made of iron and has a shiny enamel coating for a rust-free look. The prints on the potter is highly aesthetic too which will go well with bright colored walls. Add a dash of greenery to your elegant dining space with this exclusive decor ornament.

Art is everywhere!

Abstract Framed Wall Art for Dining Room Decor Ideas

Wall arts are a thing that will never go out of trend. Adding a huge wall art adjacent to your dining table can not only sparkle conversations but also satiate hungry minds! Don’t leave your dining walls empty and rather choose any themed wall art that suit your preference and budget. For starters, here is an incredible Abstract Framed Wall Art with an abstract painting representing our rich Indian tradition. The colorful roses and the rustic kettle in the grey background makes it absolutely modern and form a nice background to your walls. 

It’s printed digitally and comes in a fibre frame with glass on top, thus easier to maintain. You can alternatively go for more vibrant designs like this Bohemian dreams framed wall art.

Lighting to lighten up your mood

Arches of Enigma Lantern

Lighting is the important aspect that can elevate the appearance of the space and lift up the mood. It can either be through artificial lights or candles or both. If you like to bring in those natural vibes pick the latter. Add a vintage touch to your dining space by choosing this unique dining room decor idea which is hanging or placing a lantern. This Arches of Enigma Lantern is the one of the unique choices which is easy to use and clean. It comes with a sturdy metal frame with a handle and base and a glass case with digital prints.

The best part about this range of collections is that they are handprinted by Indian artisans flawlessly representing rich Indian visuals. Just place a traditional dhiya or a lavender candle inside and see how the ambience lightens up instantly.

A splash of art on your wall!

Windows of Dazzle Earthy Wallpaper for Dining Room Decor Ideas

Colorful, bright, and artsy wallpapers add more color and warmth to your dining room walls and bring a familiar feel everytime you see it. Enjoy your meals in the most pleasant space with picture-perfect backdrops like this Windows of Dazzle Earthy Wallpaper which comes with a matte-finish. The vivid image of Dal lake and Shikaras in this wallpaper will bring home a part of Kashmir and its tranquility. 

Other than being a pretty background, it protects your wall from dust, food stains, and damages. You can get this customized according to your dining area dimension. 

If you are looking for something subtle and basic, you can choose this vertical rose twist wallpaper

A dining room decor idea that you can’t sweep under the carpet

Pineapple flat woven rug for Dining Room Decor Ideas

Marking the territory of your dining table can prevent many mess and make cleaning easier, especially when kids are around. You can place a rug below your dining table that’s few inches larger than its actual space. It adds to the tone of the entire space and points the limelight on your dining table set. You can choose a contrast color rug to achieve this effect (light colors for a dark table and vice versa). This pineapple flat woven rug is a cool selection for darker toned floor or dining table. Its available in three dimensions to accomodate any sized table area.

Here is an another perfect choice for darker shade rugs – Tusker delight rug.

Have some water! 

Legend of the Cranes Copper Jug Set for Dining Room Decor Ideas

Copper vessels are not just a symbol of class, they make your drink 100% healthy and tasty too. This Legend of the Cranes Copper Jug Set is one such novel product. Adding this to your dining area can upgrade its appearance to another level. Unlike regular copper jugs, this has a printed surface with pretty bird figurines coated with a smooth enamel finish. It comes with a copper tumbler as well for a wholesome experience. The sky theme of this can match well with nature-themed decor objects around.

If you have an eye for unusual products, try this Monochrome Palatial Courtyard Bamboo Jug Set made of bamboo material with palatial prints all over.

Chuck away your mundane dining chairs

Legend of the cranes animal wooden bench

If you want to expand the seating of your dining table without increasing the chair count, you can go for an ottoman or a bench. This gives a nice ethnic touch and blends well with other dining area furniture. Try one of India Circus’s most sought after product – Legend of the Cranes Animal Wooden Bench made of Acacia wood and has a comfortable upholstery. 

The corners of this bench has two meticulously carved elephant structures, bringing an overall royal look. It’s perfect for anyone who wants to upgrade their dining table look without replacing it.

Want something plainer? Try this Teal Florial Gallore wooden bench.

Teal Tiled Lotus Extravaganza Round Side Table

Spruce up your upholstery 

Mirroring deer garden fabrics for Dining Room Decor Ideas

While searching for dining room design ideas, we barely give importance to fabrics and often stick with basic prints. But there is a whole new world out there filled with elegant, rich, and never-seen-like-this fabric that can turn your dining area from basic to chic. Bringing to you some of the best fabrics for upholstery from India Circus which are Mirroring deer garden fabric, flights of vivers, and Psittacines Enquiry Fabric. The list is endless; you can check out the whole collection here.

Design your own curtains, transform your furniture, give a new look to your cushions, and or simply try a wall art with these vivid fabrics.

You can select the colour and theme based on your dining room’s wall colour, art, lighting, and furniture’s colour. 

Fruit bowls that reminds you of summer

Forest Cyanic pop burst fruit bowl

Plastic fruit bowls and storage containers are boring, bad for the environment, and don’t go with aesthetics you want to set. Instead, use wooden fruit bowls either as a decorative object or as a fruits container and place it in the middle of your dining table. This forest cyanic pop burst fruit bowl looks afresh with vibrant designs in the inner layer and a smooth and sophisticated look outside. 

It’s made of mango wood and has a food grade coating on top. Serve summer fruits to your guests in a bowl that very much reminds you of it.

Some unique dining room ideas

Here are some of the unique and simple dining room decor ideas that don’t cost you anything but elevate the whole show.

Let your dining area soak in sunlight

Allowing in sunlight is the best way to enjoy your meals and let the place shine naturally. No matter how great is your indoor lighting, keep transparent drapes on for natural light to come in. Your clicks will look picture-perfect and your decor objects shine their best.

Choose the colour and theme ahead

Fixate on the colour and theme while building or refurbishing your dining area. Select the flooring material, furniture, and decor items based for an ideal magazine outcome.

Focus on the layout

A perfectly laid-out dining area gives out more calm and positive vibes. You won’t be constantly spending time organizing anything too. Let your dining area have a definite place for every object and follow it religiously.

Less is more

Dining room design ideas can sound exciting. But going minimal and not hoarding too many objects will bring out the best of your space. 

More free space, less traffic

Your dining room is one of those spaces where your whole family is going to jampack themselves every then and there. Keep in mind to leave more free space for everyone to move around freely and not feel claustrophobic. 

Choose the right furniture

Your dining area furniture decides the overall look. Choose the right material, colour, shape, and size depending on the dining area. 

Source from the best 

Buy your decor objects from best retailers who are specialized in home decor and has a reputation for selling unique, premium-grade products. This way, you can gift your dining space authentic and long-lasting products at affordable pricing. 

At India Circus, we put extreme effort in selecting the best decor objects for your whole home that can give a luxurious feel and turn the space more beautiful. 

Dining Room Decor Ideas

It’s the right combination of our tradition yet with a contemporary twist. If you are a fan of exquisite Indian designs, patterns, and traditional decor products, then you will love to see what we have got for you. Check out our whole range of collections here.

Frequently Asked Questions on Dining Room Decor

Q. How do I make my dining room look modern?

– Simplify the design with clean lines and minimalism.

– Choose a modern color palette with neutral tones and pops of bold color.

– Incorporate modern materials like metal, glass, and acrylic.

– Install statement lighting fixtures with sleek and geometric designs.

– Keep accessories and decor minimal and well-curated.

– Emphasize open space and a sense of airiness.

– Explore modern wall treatments such as textured wallpapers or bold feature walls.

– Integrate technology, like wireless charging pads or smart lighting systems.

– Select sleek and modern flooring options.

-Opt for simple and streamlined window treatments or leave windows bare for natural light.

Q. How to decorate my dining wall?

– Hang a statement artwork as a focal point.

– Create a gallery wall with a collection of smaller artworks.

– Add decorative mirrors to create depth and reflect light.

– Install floating wall shelves for displaying decorative items.

– Consider using wallpaper to create an accent wall.

– Create an eye-catching display of decorative plates.

– Use wall decals or stencils for decorative patterns or quotes.

– Install shelving units or display cabinets for showcasing items.

– Add wall sconces for balanced and well-lit displays.

– Incorporate personalized elements like family photos or mementos.

Q. How do I arrange dining table tops?

Arrange objects in Height Order. Select items of different shapes, sizes and heights. When styling a table top, place the taller items in the back. If the table is in the center of the room, then place the tallest item in the center of the table.

Q. Can I put a sofa in my dining room?

Yes, you can put a sofa in your dining room. However, it is important to consider factors such as available space, functionality, design harmony, practicality, and flexibility before making a decision.

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