Infuse Happy Colors in Your Abode to Create a Positive Aura

Infuse Happy Colors in Your Abode to Create a Positive Aura

Colors behold a surprisingly powerful amount of energy to affect the aura and moods in our homes. Each color represents and exudes different vibes. Choosing the right tones and hues can largely create a peaceful atmosphere in our abode. Homes are a representation of our personalities. The choices we make create an ambience of our liking and sets the tone also for the time we spend within the confines of it. The current trend plays with a mix of bright and earthy tones. The use of these tones can easily impact the dimensions of the space and one’s state of mind.

Feng Shui adapts the method of right usage of color to declutter your personal space and let positivity flow in, appropriate colors can boost health and energy. Color therapy can help understand how to use different shades of your liking to create a well-balanced and positive space. Certain colors like yellow, white, blue, pink, red, etc are the nuances of colors that have the most positive impact on us.

Here’s a guide on how to incorporate happy colors into your home to stay positive🧘‍♀️:

Let your Walls Do the Talking

Using multiple colors and patterns help in accentuating the walls. A marriage of several bright colors on the wallpapers will immediately irradiate the look and feel of your space. Pairing the classic combinations of the blues and pinks just like the Sanctuary of Fluorescence Wallpaper by India Circus will dive deep into the vibrancy of the opposite set of primary colors and leave an earthy and soothing effect on your walls.

Add Figurines and Accents

Accentuating your space is the easiest way of adding your favorite colors to the different spaces of your home. Accessorizing your homes with various figurines will instantly add a splash of tinge to any corner of your space. Adding a bold animal accent or a traditional figurine will append the vibrancy of the home and will always be pleasing for the eyes to look at.

Play with the Details

Accessorizing your space with various elements of furniture with bold colors will add the required depth to your space. Monochromatic colors are pleasing to the eyes but can be monotonous to look at. Adding a pop of color to the tiny elements of your home furniture like a pink ottoman or a series of blue stools with various patterns will add the correct pinch of chroma to your space.

Bring the Fabrics to Life

Often we forget how much fabric from our cushion covers, floor coverings, bed and table runners, etc. can add to the look and feel of our homes. A series of patterns and a mix of colors in your daily home décor items can create a significant change in your mood. Choose the colors and patterns of these items which speak to you, at the end it is all about the choices that you can connect with.

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