Mandala: Destress With Some Art Therapy

Mandala: Destress With Some Art Therapy

Let’s be a little vocal here and admit the fact that we all must have wished upon a star for some leisure! Oh, it’s a wish come true but let’s just be careful what we wish for henceforth. In this case, it was led by a pandemic which doesn’t sound really appealing but little did we know that leisure would just pour in!

How? Okay, so who’s done with social distancing themselves? Being over-active on digital/social media platforms? Emptied all the quarantine eateries? Binge-watched all the shows in one go? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, it’s time you relook and revamp your options already! How about you dust off your anxious and stressful thoughts and adapt some creativity, a simple form of creativity, at the very least. All you need to do is grab a blank canvas or a sheet of paper perhaps, and pour your thoughts on it but in the form of art. Interesting, isn’t it?

Why Mandala ART THERAPY?

One can simply call this ‘Art Therapy’ and Mandala is one form of it. Whether you’re a teen or an adult, there’s no age subscription in making ‘Mandalas’. We, at India Circus by Krsnaa Mehta’, will walk you through this art therapy where one simply expresses one’s emotion in the form of art, that is sure to alleviate your stress and anxiety, especially during times like these.

Why Mandala?

  • More Than Just A Doodle

A doodle is random and abstract and yet wouldn’t yield you a self-satisfying relief. At the same time, not everyone can lay their hands on doodling whereas ‘Mandala’ art is such where you need not be a painter or a sculptor like a Leonardo Da Vinci and a Michelangelo but all you need to be able to do is hold a pen, find your comfort zone and begin! Committing your time in art therapy as simple as this and as yielding as this one introduces you to a whole new level of indulgence.


  • Drawing Thoughts On A Blank Canvas

Did you know, adapting to this version of art therapy where you just extract those restless thoughts from your mind, then drawing, sculpting it out on a blank canvas can foster mental well-being also turning to be a retreat in itself for you! Make patterns in its simplest forms- a circle, a triangle or a leaf for that matter, it can be anything and begin from the inside of the circles working towards the outer part of it. The canvas is all yours and the motifs too, go slow but mate give it a start first and you’ll be swept off your feet with what you come up with at your very own first hit!

Drawing Thoughts On A Blank Canvas for MANDALA

  • Filling Colours In The Motifs 

You can leave the motifs as is keeping it blank, however, adding a dash of colours to it gives your mandala a life. This is no complication but the colouring part can be an intuitive flow or one can just simply fill these motifs with a specific choice of colours denoting different meanings. At this point in time, we all seek an escape from our wandering worrisome thoughts hence, the colour choice you make here can come from your own mind. For instance, red denotes strength, passion and energy while pink denotes love plus happiness, and white is the colour of focus, purity and clarity. Several basic colours like these have their own sense and you’ve got the freedom to choose yours. The more your motif is colourful, the merrier will the mandala be.

Filling Colours In The Motifs for MANDALA

  • Be Your Own Self-Reminder Art Therapist 

It is human to be worried and stressed during moments like these where you are quarantined with your own thoughts. But hey, here’s a reminder for you- There’s a light at the end of a tunnel. All you need to do is indulge yourself in swinging those hands at making some very intricate mandalas, for all you’ll know is- it becomes your go-to self-reminder therapy in seeking peace even after this phase passes by. It’s time you set your mind free and give it some peace instead, centring your mind and body at the same time.

Self-Reminder Art Therapist 

Voila! You’ve found a therapist, for yourself and within yourself, using art therapy in the form of Mandala, which you will not cringe but only binge from now on!

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