Summer Calls for Some Cooling Off: 3 Recipes to Quench Your Thirst

Summer Calls for Some Cooling Off: 3 Recipes to Quench Your Thirst

Summers as fun-filled as they might be, with all the leisure and extra family time also give us a chance to escape the heat and look for various ways to cool down. While sitting in an air-conditioned room does the trick most of the times, we often tend to reach out for something that will immediately cool us from the inside too, don’t we?

Remembering those playful days of laughter and games in our childhood when we would rush back home all murky, sweaty and desperately thirsting for a cooler just to be greeted by our mothers and grandmothers standing in the doorway with a tall glass of chilled lemonade. That first sip of the citrusy lemons with a dash of sugar and salt seemed to make all of our worries disappear for then.

We, at India Circus, would love to take you back to those days of leisure and relief.

The first two are created by 2 recipes by Sherine John, the Corporate Beverage Manager at Tresind Mumbai and the last recipe is specially curated by mothers and grandmothers across the country with oozing love and affection. Not only are these recipes exceptionally easy to whip up, but they are also an invigorating addition to a day of sweltering heat🥵!


It’s never the wrong time to sip on some lip-smacking cocktails! Most of us hesitate to explore a little around cocktails because of the lingering belief that they could be a little on the tougher side to whip up. Well, not only are cocktails easy, but also a quick solution to liven your spirits and quench that thirst.

No, this isn’t your regular cup of steaming tea that is booming with spices. As much as we love our chai, a cup of it in summers is not what we’re looking for. Summers automatically translate to everything chilled. Wondering how exactly can a cup of Indian be something that cools you off? We’ve got you!

All you need for this contemporary and chilled version of tea is –

For the cocktail

Gin- 30ml

Pomegranate juice- 60ml

Chaat masala- 5 gms

Lime juice- 20ml

Grenadine syrup- 10ml

Add the gin, the lime juice, the pomegranate juice and Grenadine syrup into a cocktail shaker and shake it to ensure a perfect mixture. To this add some ice and shake it once more. If a cocktail shaker isn’t available to you, don’t worry at all! You can opt for a mason jar for a good shake too! But always be certain this blend is intensely chilled.


Serve this drink in a cup and saucer from the Floral Reed Tea Cup and Saucer Set to add an authentic touch to your summer afternoons/evenings drinking experiences. Pour it over ice and add a garnish of your choice.


Sipping on this cocktail from a teacup will have you feeling like the ethereal royal being that you are. Highly so when the teacup is regally decorated with intrinsic designs blooming with flowers.


We couldn’t leave our mocktail lovers stranded now, could we? Gone are the days when we resorted to simple lime and orange juices to dose us up with some energy and cool us off too. Well, it’s not summer without a fruity icy drink in your hand!

The cult-favourite Pina Colada cocktail finds its sans-alcohol counterpart in this lip-smacking mocktail. A tropical pleasure that will transport you right to the beach with its taste and have you cooled down in no time. This mocktail just needs-

Fresh pineapple juice- 120ml

Coconut syrup- 20ml

Rosewater- 10 ml

Fresh cream- 20ml

A fresh slice of pineapple- For garnishing

Combine the fresh pineapple juice, coconut syrup, rose water and fresh cream together. Shake them together to ensure all the ingredients are mixed impeccably. Pour the mixture into the Birdi Park Glass Tumbler over some ice to serve it super chilled. Garnish it with a fresh and juicy slice of pineapple to enhance its flavour.

The Birdi Park Glass Tumbler adds an enriching spirit of flamboyance to your mocktail. These tumblers feature designs that embody the rich aesthetic of India and make a royal addition to your dining collection.



Taking a stroll through memory lane just got sweeter. A classic cooler that never goes out of style and is renowned for being widely loved by everyone you cross paths with. Lemonade is the epitome of an ideal refresher. Had an exhausting day at work that drained you? That last exercise left you sweaty and in need of an energy boost? Or you just need a quick pick-me-up in your drab day. The answer to all these questions is an inviting glass of icy lemonade.

All you need for the easiest cooler is-

Freshly squeezed lemon juice- 1 cup

Granulated Sugar- ¾ cup

Water- 2 to 3 cups

Chaat masala- As per your preference

Use the Fluttering Extravagance Bamboo Jug Set and add water into the jug along with the granulated sugar too. Ensure the granulated sugar has completely dissolved in the water proceeding which add the freshly squeezed lemon juice. Stir this mixture to let the lemon juice mix with water. To complement this sweet and citrusy flavour, add chaat masala as per your preferences. Serve chilled in the Fluttering Extravagance Bamboo Tumblers and garnish with mint leaves.

Fluttering Extravagance Bamboo Jug Set

This jug set is sustainably created using bamboo fiber and is adorned with delightful butterflies that liven up any kitchen! The intimacy of these butterflies is deepened with the presence of delicate flowers around them.

Our summers would be void without us sipping and munching on some summer coolers and hydrating fruits. But they would also be void without serving these delicacies in the correct barware. Not only does it elevate your experience of unwinding with elegance, but also enhances your home’s chic-quotient! Turn the heat down a notch with India Circus and treat yourself to these appetizing quenchers

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