Upgrade Your Kitchen Storage with These Must-Have Jars and Containers

Upgrade Your Kitchen Storage with These Must-Have Jars and Containers

The pandemic era has made us understand why it’s important to prioritize our health and be conscious of what we put inside our bodies. You might already be actively changing many factors around you that influence your health and well-being. But, there is one area that still needs your attention if you are looking for a healthy and sustainable swap. That’s your storage containers and jars.

Typically, around 70% of households use plastic or a mix of plastic and steel jars to store groceries, eatables, and condiments. Plastic is more predominant as it’s much cheaper, looks colorful, and is easy to use. However, it can have adverse effects on your health if you are using them for a long time, especially low-quality, single-use materials. They are also not a sustainable option as they end up in landfill one day unless you re-use or recycle properly.

So, what’s the option then for kitchen storage jars, if you want to safeguard your family extensively? Glass jar containers and stainless steel jar containers. I can already hear you saying that glass jars are brittle, high-maintenance, and expensive, whereas steel jars are monotonous in appearance. They can be, but not in their complete sense. We have the best recommendations by the end of the next section which will absolutely change your opinion about kitchen storage jars in glass and steel.

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Benefits of glass jar containers for daily usage

Glass jars come in different shapes, sizes, and colors too

When I say glass jars, it can instantly rekindle nostalgic memories in you, bringing back images of plain jars your mother had in the kitchen (those with metal lids that create screeching noises when you open them). You can have them now too. The only difference is that they come in different colors, designs, and sizes to accommodate modern requirements. Another interesting factor is that these modern jars are lightweight too. You will never have slippery hands that let them slip down and create a mess. 

So, if these are the reasons that hold you back, remember that glass jars can also help you achieve a contemporary kitchen cabinet look. 

Similarly, stainless steel jars come in different sizes and printed layers. This makeover turns them classy and chic, adding more color to your kitchen cabinet.

Easier to spot what’s inside

With glass jar containers, it’s easier to see what’s inside without using labels. It might take a little use to identify the content of metal jars due to their non-translucent appearance. The same goes for plastic jars unless it comes in a transparent color. 

Dishwasher and microwave friendly

Whether it’s a glass container or a jar, you can throw them in the dishwasher to clean them safely and reuse them as if they are new. The same applies to stainless steel containers which have almost similar properties. 

Glass and metal jars are reusable

You can invest in glass jars once and re-use them for as long as you keep them safe. So as metal jars, but they might need frequent cleaning to retain their shine. This reusability is not possible with plastic containers as they have a short shelf-life and are not advised to be used for more than a year.

No dangerous chemical discharges into your food 

Glass jar containers are the safest option to keep your food materials away from dangerous chemicals that can leach into them. They are odorless too, which means the ingredients won’t carry an artificial smell.

Higher durability

Metal food storage jars and containers are durable and easy to handle. On the other hand, glass jars are brittle in nature. As long as you handle it with great care, your jars can stay the same for years and pass the right flavor, nutrients, and taste to your food. 

Must-have Glass Jar Sets for the Kitchen from India Circus

Must-have Glass Jar Sets for the Kitchen from India Circus

Are you convinced to transform your kitchen cabinet with steel and glass food storage jars and containers? Here is a whole list of glass jar containers from India Circus that fits into all the above-listed benefits, brought exclusively for you. As a bonus, we have included some special cleaning and maintenance tips in the last section.

Tired of old-style plain glass jars and want something sophisticated and cool and meant for modern kitchens? Look no further as the following products exactly match your criteria.

Grey Floral Galore Glass Jars Set of 3

Grey Floral Galore Glass Jars Set of 3

The first one is this pretty, floral-themed glass jar set whose bright pink flowers remind of you spring. It comes with three pieces and is much suitable for storing pulses, condiments, and other staples with a quantity of 220ml. It’s made of premium-quality borosilicate glass and natural wood (lid). 

The finest part of this jar is its wooden lid. It’s much easier to handle plus it keeps the stored items fresh and intact because of its anti-leak and air-tight properties. Besides, you don’t have to worry about cleaning the jars which might cause scratches on the surface as this is dishwasher-safe. This also makes it safe to use and handle with no chances for breakage. 

Buy this floral glass jar set for your kitchen today at an unbelievable offer price that you cannot find anywhere. It’s suitable for kitchen cabinets, decor purposes, and gifting. 

If you are looking for increased quantities, try the next size in the same product – Grey Floral Galore Glass Jars Set of 3 which is 680ml.

Foliage Play Glass Jars 1400mL

Foliage Play Glass Jars 1400mL

Slender jars will always manage to capture your attention as they are pretty rare, that too in glass material. This is one such product with a whopping 1400ml quantity and an absolutely elegant print on its transparent surface. Due to its slender shape, it’s a perfect fit for wardrobes with narrower widths. 

Talking about its look, the detailed leaf and flower designs add more beauty to the jar and be an embellishment for anything stored inside. Its other properties are much similar to the previous one. 

If you want variety in the same size and shape, you can pick Chevron Palms printed jars or Blaue Blume glass jar containers

Perching Floral Paradise Glass Jar 

Perching Floral Paradise Glass Jar

Get ready to replace your cookie jars with this trendy glass jar container, a perfect option to store your crispy cookies and eatables. Its capacity is 1050ml which is different from the above ones but works the same way as them. The outsides of the jar are printed with shiny hibiscus flower patterns all over enough to cheer up your day. If you are looking for mild colors and patterns, you can go for blooming dahlia glass jar containers.

Grab both pieces today at a discounted price and make your special occasions more celebratory.

Metal-printed Kitchen Jars and Containers from India Circus

Metal-printed Kitchen Jars and Containers from India Circus

If you prefer colors and bright patterns, you must check out these metal jars and storage containers. They come in multiple prints, colors, and sizes and are perfect for all occasions. Some of the best ones are as follows.

Grayscale Safari Storage Jar

Bring your kitchen a mini forest vibe with this animal-themed metal storage jar. It serves as a multi-purpose storage box that you can use both in the dining area and kitchen wardrobe. It comes with an air-tight metal lid and knob, serving as a crown to the mind-blowing setup of the jar. You get much wider space for storage with dimensions of 13cm length, 13 cm width, and 14 cm height.

Check out similar products yet with bright-colored appearances here –  Feathers and Florals storage jar and Parading Tuskers Storage Jar.

Bird Land Steel Container Set of 3

Bird Land Steel Container Set of 3

Another distinct and most sought-after product from India Circus is these quirky storage jars that are sure to draw compliments. The set contains three jars of different sizes, one for each of your needs. Each one is made of stainless steel with a brass knob on top and the top layer is powder-coated with an enamel finish for easier grip. On top of it, there are floral designs on a beige background, adding beauty to your storage cabinet. You also have a variety of options to pick from. Let’s say this Legend of the Cranes steel container set or Mirroring Green Garden Steel Container set

Royal Palms Steel Container set

Royal Palms Steel Container set

Steel containers are timeless and remind us of our mom’s love-filled kitchen utility space. This container is one such product without many embellishments like the above products. However, it’s not short of colors either. The outside layer is printed with palm trees on a pink backdrop, something quintessential to India Circus. 

Available in three different quantities from 1500ml to 280ml, this can easily become your best storage medium for your edibles and condiments.

Here is another variant of this product that can add a splash of color to your kitchen walls – Mughal Doors Reiteration Steel Container Sets.

Other food storage jars and containers from India Circus

Other food storage jars and containers from India Circus

Modern engineering has given us plenty of options for safe food-grade materials other than glass and metal. Here are some of the unique and safe storage container options that you can try. 

Peacock Dwar Round Storage Box

Peacock Dwar Round Storage Box

If you are a big fan of peacock color, here is an irresistible metal storage jar that you should add to your collections. The ravishing design instantly will captivate your attention and let’s not even talk about the stylish metal knob at the top of the box. The whole box features the Mughal theme through peacocks, flowers, and grandeur architecture both within and outside it. All being put in place, this storage box is simply a beautiful artifact that can fit for storing your kitchen items or artsy accessories. 

It’s made of MDF material which is a type of engineered wood known for its strength and durability. Buy this today from India Circus before it runs out of stock. 

Here is another similar recommendation for you – The Mughal Era Round Storage Box.

Signature Windows Bamboo Jar

For those of you who always prefer one-of-a-kind materials and home objects, take a look at these bamboo jars. It’s not only made of a sustainable and safe material but also is a perfect storage choice to keep food items intact, anything from tea powder to cookies to dough. The material of the product is bamboo fiber which is a safe and durable option and makes the container dishwasher-safe. But you can’t use this in a microwave or oven. 

Let’s talk about the special features which is a signature for every India Circus product, its prints, and designs. The window-themed prints are to die for and they match perfectly with the background color, which you might have never observed anywhere else. Overall, this is the best budget purchase you can make for your kitchen cabinet makeover.

Want something similar yet in a lighter theme, then check out this – Aerial Moments bamboo jar.

Lattice Blooms Bamboo Container

Lattice Blooms Bamboo Container

You can never have enough storage containers, especially when you are spoiled with options like this. Add these storage boxes to your collections which you can use as a storage box or a serveware. They are made of bamboo fiber with transparent lids, easier to rack up within minimal space. It’s also available in other monochromatic prints like this Palatial Courtyard Bamboo Container.

And here are the special glass objects maintenance tips that we promised we will offer.

  • The glass surface is prone to receive cracks, which can ruin its appearance and cause permanent damage. So, when you buy them, check for internal damages, breaks, and fine lines over the surface.
  • To keep glass containers clean and new, use a mixture of warm water and baking soda that can remove hard-to-remove stains and odor, especially with sauce jars. You can also use lemon juice or vinegar while cleaning glass bottles after a long time. Use soft brushes and clothes to clean and avoid using harsh scrubbers.
  • To remove sticky labels from glass jars, you can soak the jar in hot water for 10 to 15 minutes and peel it off.
  • Always store glass bottles away from sunlight in a slightly cold, dry area to increase their lifespan.

To Conclude,

What has been listed above is only a handful of what’s available on India Circus. There are myriad options available for not just kitchen storage jars but other home decor objects, accessories, fabrics, wall art, furniture, and a lot more that your house can house within. Revamp your whole house and give it an ethnic combined trendy look with everyday objects from India Circus.

Transform Your Kitchen with Trendy Storage Jars – Shop the Collection!

FAQs about Kitchen Storage with Must-Have Jars and Containers:

1: Which containers are best for kitchen storage?

To avoid health risks glass jar containers and stainless steel jar containers are the best options for effective kitchen storage. By removing the risks connected to using plastic containers, these options put a priority on health & sustainability while also providing a long lasting, good looking solution.

2: What type of containers should you store food in?

You should choose glass jar containers & stainless steel jar containers for storing different kinds of food as these prove to be much better & protect food quality preventing dangerous health risks by plastic containers.

3: What containers are best for dry food storage?

You need to know that the best options for effective dry food storage are stainless steel & glass containers with airtight seals!

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