10 Kitchen Design Ideas Inspired by Farmhouse Style

10 Kitchen Design Ideas Inspired by Farmhouse Style

Are you looking out for farmhouse kitchen designs? Here are some of the best designs that will leave you breathless. 

Farmhouse-style kitchens are all the craze right now. It bestows a warm and inviting atmosphere that looks trendy and functional. With their cozy charm and rustic vibe, farmhouse kitchens have become all the more popular. You can create modern farmhouse kitchen designs without breaking the bank by using vintage accents such as distressed finishes and antique lighting fixtures and natural materials like stone and wood. 

Whether you want to add farmhouse flair to your existing decor or remodel your kitchen completely, these simple kitchen room design ideas will help furnish the perfect farmhouse look. So, put on some country music and coffee, and get inspired by these mesmerizing farmhouse kitchen design ideas.

Infographic: 10 Kitchen Design Ideas Inspired By Farmhouse Style

1. Rustic and Charming Seating

Rustic and Charming Seating by India Circus

Incorporate rustic seating if you want a simple kitchen room design with a farmhouse-style twist. The farmhouse aesthetic is about creating a charming and warming atmosphere; nothing helps better than rustic seating. Whether a plush armchair upholstered in linen or a weathered wooden bench, the proper seating can bring the whole look together. 

The key to achieving the best farmhouse kitchen decor is by focusing on earthy tones, such as muted blues, warm browns, and soft greens.  Add a vintage leather sofa or a few chairs for an old-world, rustic charm. Also, opt for plush pillows and soft cushions that will make you want to snuggle up and do your favorite activity. 

2. Cozy Banquette With Rustic Fabric Cushions

Cozy Banquette With Rustic Fabric Cushions

Create a cozy banquette with rustic fabric cushions for an excellent farmhouse vibe. The banquette will provide ample seating for family and guests, while the rustic pillows will make it easy to linger a little longer at the dinner table. If you’re looking for cushions that provide elegance and sophistication, check out India Circus. It offers an extensive collection of cushions, emanating the relaxed feel of a classic farmhouse kitchen

Whether you’re hosting a dinner party with your loved ones or enjoying a cup of coffee by yourself, the cozy banquette will become your fave spot. So, bring a bit of farmhouse charm into your kitchen with this warm and inviting seating area. 

3. Add Wood Accents For More Warmth

Add Wood Accents For More Warmth

Farmhouse kitchen decor is all about embracing the cozy, rustic charm of a simpler time. When decorating the kitchen, adding wood accents is an excellent way to bring a sense of warmth and comfort. Consider installing wooden elements such as a butcher block island countertop, open shelving made from reclaimed barn wood, or wooden ceiling beams for an extensive farmhouse flair. 

Another way is to incorporate distressed wooden cabinets to establish a vintage look, transporting you back in time. Consider adding neutral colors and simple accent pieces like copper jars to add character and function. You may check out accent pieces at India Circus if you’re looking for ways to infuse some farmhouse style into your kitchen decor. They have a variety of options for you to choose from. 

4. Old Sink, New life

The old sink was a relic; with some creative thinking and some elbow grease, you can create a new life out of it. Transform your kitchen space into an incredible farmhouse decor by installing your old sink as the centerpiece. Strip away the dust and grime and add intricate details that complement the sink. Reveal the sink’s true beauty by adding touches of character and charm. It will create a cozy yet modern feel that impresses guests and makes cooking a joy!

5. Go For A European Flair

Go For A European Flair by India Circus

Inspired by farmhouse style, create an attractive, inviting space with a European flair. Incorporate natural materials like stone, wood, and brick and vintage elements like an old-fashioned farmhouse sink or stove for added charm. Further, add pops of colorful textiles like drapes, table clothes, and patterned tiles. Use iron accents and antique light fixtures to establish an authentic European vibe.

6. Add Idiosyncratic Touches

Add Idiosyncratic Touches by India Circus

Add some distinctive touches that reflect your style and personality to create a farmhouse-style kitchen. Incorporating rugs, jars, and other accent pieces into your design scheme is an incredible way to add a bohemian flair while maintaining the classic charm of a farmhouse kitchen. For your cabinets, you may add salvaged or vintage materials, such as an old-fashioned cast-iron sink or reclaimed wood.

7. Rustic Chandelier and Accent Pieces

Rustic Chandelier and Accent Pieces by India Circus

A wrought iron chandelier can add a touch of sophistication and an inviting atmosphere to your farmhouse kitchen decor. You may incorporate rustic accent pieces and simple yet charming decor elements, such as mason jars filled with flowers or herbs. Another way to establish an authentic farmhouse look is by incorporating weathered wooden signs, old milk jugs, or an enamelware pitcher. You can transform your kitchen into a farmhouse retreat with these antique touches!

8. Try a Chalkboard Wall

Try a Chalkboard Wall

A chalkboard wall is a fantastic way to add farmhouse-style charm to your kitchen decor. Not only does it add an element of personality and creativity to your space, but it also serves as a functional space for you to write out your cooking recipes or groceries list. Also, remember to include cozy textiles like woven baskets and plaid blankets for added warmth.

9. Consider the Fixtures

Designing a farmhouse-inspired kitchen is not just about giving a rustic look; you must also focus on modern convenience. Incorporate the rustic and modern vibe by installing natural materials like wood and stone for shelves and countertops. Don’t forget to add some antique farmhouse-inspired kitchen appliances, be it a sink or lighting to bestow a vintage touch. Finally, add some green lushes with small herbs and pots to create a warm and sophisticated atmosphere.

10. Wholesome Details

Wholesome Details from India Circus

Imagine you have a kitchen space that emanates the exact natural ambiance as if you were at a farmhouse. Wouldn’t that be a dream come true thing? Yes, you heard it right, India Circus offers all that you need in one single place be it stoneware dishes, vintage glassware, rugs, jars, or other antique farmhouse appliances. Now, it’s your turn to live your dream!

Final Words

Formulate an inviting and warm atmosphere in your kitchen with these farmhouse-style design elements. Follow the ideas mentioned above to come up with excellent farmhouse kitchen decor. However, remember functionality is as important as looks. So, don’t compromise on that. 

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